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    13 Te Doy Gloria Maestros Elim Kids

    Te Doy Gloria: A Song of Praise and Worship by Elim Kids

    Te Doy Gloria: A Song of Praise and Worship by Elim Kids

    Te Doy Gloria is a Spanish song that means “I Give You Glory” in English. It is a song of praise and worship to Jesus Christ, who died on the cross and rose again to be the King of kings and Lord of lords. The song was performed by Elim Kids, a ministry of Elim Church in Guatemala that aims to teach children about God’s love and power through music and dance.

    The song was released in 2013 as part of the album “Maestros”, which means “Teachers” in English. The album features 14 songs that are based on biblical stories and principles, such as creation, faith, obedience, forgiveness, and salvation. The songs are sung by children and adults, with catchy melodies and lyrics that are easy to learn and remember.

    Te Doy Gloria is one of the most popular songs in the album, as it expresses the gratitude and admiration that believers have for Jesus, who gave his life for us and set us free from sin and death. The song also acknowledges the beauty and majesty of Jesus, who is worthy of all glory and honor. The chorus of the song goes like this:

    Te doy gloria (gloria)
    Te doy gloria (gloria)
    Te doy gloria (gloria)
    A ti Jesús

    Which translates to:

    I give you glory (glory)
    I give you glory (glory)
    I give you glory (glory)
    To you Jesus

    The song also has a bridge that says:

    Con una corona de espinas te hiciste rey por siempre

    Which means:

    With a crown of thorns you became king forever

    This line refers to the crucifixion of Jesus, who wore a crown of thorns as a mockery by the Roman soldiers, but who also demonstrated his sovereignty and victory over death by rising from the grave on the third day.

    Te Doy Gloria is a song that can inspire children and adults alike to worship God with joy and reverence, and to remember the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus, who deserves all our praise. You can listen to the song on YouTube or YouTube Music, or download it from various online platforms.

    Elim Kids is not only a musical group, but also a ministry that reaches out to children in Guatemala and other countries. They have performed in various events and festivals, such as the International Children’s Festival in Costa Rica, the Kids Fest in El Salvador, and the Kids Explosion in Honduras. They have also visited schools, orphanages, and churches, where they share the gospel and the love of God through songs and testimonies.

    The vision of Elim Kids is to raise up a generation of children who love God and serve him with all their hearts. They believe that music is a powerful tool to communicate God’s message and to inspire children to follow Jesus. They also want to encourage parents and teachers to support and guide their children in their spiritual growth and development.

    If you want to know more about Elim Kids and their ministry, you can visit their website, where you can find information about their history, mission, albums, events, and contact details. You can also follow them on Facebook, where you can see their photos, videos, updates, and messages. You can also support them by buying their CDs or DVDs, or by making a donation to their ministry.

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