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    How to Recite Hanuman Chalisa in 2.45 Minutes

    How to Recite Hanuman Chalisa in 2.45 Minutes

    Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the monkey god who is believed to grant strength, courage and protection to his devotees. It consists of 40 verses that praise Hanuman’s virtues, deeds and devotion to Lord Rama.

    Many Hindus recite Hanuman Chalisa daily as a way of expressing their faith and seeking blessings from Hanuman. However, some people may find it difficult to recite the entire hymn due to lack of time or other reasons. For them, there is a solution: a super fast Hanuman Chalisa video that can help them recite the hymn in just 2.45 minutes.

    The video, which is available on YouTube, features a singer who chants the Hanuman Chalisa at a very fast pace, accompanied by music and images of Hanuman. The video also displays the lyrics of the hymn in Hindi and English, so that the viewers can follow along and recite with the singer.

    The video is ideal for those who want to recite Hanuman Chalisa in a short time, without compromising on its meaning or benefits. It can also help those who want to memorize the hymn or improve their pronunciation and fluency.

    To watch the video, click on this link: 2.45 Super Fast Hanuman Chalisa Video. You can also subscribe to the channel for more videos on Hindu devotional songs and chants.

    Why is Hanuman Chalisa so popular and powerful?

    Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most popular and powerful Hindu hymns because it contains the essence of Hanuman’s life and teachings. Hanuman is revered as a symbol of devotion, loyalty, courage, strength and wisdom. He is also known as the son of the wind god Vayu, the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva, and the faithful servant of Lord Rama.

    By reciting Hanuman Chalisa, one can invoke the blessings of Hanuman and gain his qualities. The hymn also acts as a shield against negative energies, evil forces and obstacles. It can help one overcome fear, anxiety, stress and depression. It can also bring success, prosperity, happiness and peace to one’s life.

    How to recite Hanuman Chalisa effectively?

    To recite Hanuman Chalisa effectively, one should follow some simple steps:

    • Choose a clean and quiet place to recite the hymn.
    • Light a lamp or a candle and offer some flowers or fruits to Hanuman’s image or idol.
    • Sit in a comfortable posture and close your eyes.
    • Take a few deep breaths and calm your mind.
    • Recite the hymn with full faith and devotion, either aloud or silently.
    • Focus on the meaning and significance of each verse.
    • Visualize Hanuman’s form and feel his presence in your heart.
    • After reciting the hymn, thank Hanuman for his blessings and guidance.

    You can recite Hanuman Chalisa at any time of the day, but preferably in the morning or evening. You can also recite it before starting any important work or facing any challenge. You can recite it as many times as you want, but ideally 11 times for maximum benefits.

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