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    Why You Should Buy Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray from Best Buy

    Why You Should Buy Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray from Best Buy

    Beauty and the Beast is a classic fairy tale that has been adapted into various media, including animated and live-action films. The most recent version, released in 2017, stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, and features stunning visuals, music, and performances. If you are a fan of this enchanting story, you might want to own a copy of the Blu-ray, which includes digital copy and bonus features. And the best place to buy it is from Best Buy, where you can find great deals and exclusive editions.

    What’s in the Blu-ray?

    The Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray includes both the Blu-ray and DVD discs, as well as a digital copy that you can redeem on various platforms. The Blu-ray disc has a high-definition picture and sound quality that will immerse you in the magical world of the film. The DVD disc has a standard-definition picture and sound quality that is compatible with most DVD players. The digital copy allows you to watch the film on your devices anytime, anywhere.

    But that’s not all. The Blu-ray also comes with a plethora of bonus features that will enhance your viewing experience. Here are some of them:

    • Enchanted Table Read: You’re invited to join the cast for the movie’s elaborately staged table read, complete with singing and dancing to live music, set pieces and more!
    • A Beauty of a Tale: Explore the process of transforming a beloved animated film into a new live-action classic.
    • The Women Behind Beauty and the Beast: Emma Watson introduces several of the talented women in all aspects of production who helped bring this enchanted tale to life.
    • From Song to Screen: Making the Musical Sequences: Discover what goes into creating some of Beauty and the Beast’s best-known moments.
    • Making a Moment with Celine Dion: Watch the legendary singer perform “Beauty and the Beast” music video and learn how she got involved in the film.
    • Extended Song: “Days in the Sun”: Learn more about Beast’s childhood in an alternate version of this beautiful song.
    • Deleted Scenes: Watch some scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut of the film.
    • Song Selections: Sing along with your favorite songs from the film.
    • And more!

    Why Buy from Best Buy?

    What's in the Blu-ray?

    Best Buy is your one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. Not only do they offer competitive prices and free shipping on eligible items, but they also have exclusive editions that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, you can get the Beauty and the Beast SteelBook edition, which features a stunning metal case with artwork inspired by the film. Or you can get the Beauty and the Beast 2-Movie Collection, which includes both the 2017 live-action film and the 1991 animated classic in one package. Plus, you can earn rewards points for every purchase you make with your My Best Buy account.


    Why Buy from Best Buy?

    Beauty and the Beast is a timeless tale that will captivate your heart and imagination. Whether you want to relive the magic or discover it for the first time, you can’t go wrong with buying the Blu-ray from Best Buy. You’ll get a high-quality product with amazing bonus features and exclusive options. Don’t miss this opportunity to own one of the most beloved films of all time. Order your Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray from Best Buy today!

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