Big Mouth 2022: A Thrilling Korean Drama About a Lawyer and a Swindler

Big Mouth 2022: A Thrilling Korean Drama About a Lawyer and a Swindler

Big Mouth 2022 is a South Korean television series that aired from July 29 to September 17, 2022 on MBC TV. It stars Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah, and Kim Joo-hun in a story of an unsuccessful lawyer who gets involved in a murder case and is somehow fingered as a genius swindler named Big Mouse. The drama is a mix of action, crime, mystery, and romance, as the lawyer tries to clear his name and protect his family from the enemies he makes along the way.

The drama is directed by Oh Choong-hwan, who is known for his works such as While You Were Sleeping, Hotel del Luna, and Start-Up. The script is written by Jang Young-chul and Jung Kyung-soon, who have collaborated on hit dramas such as Giant, Incarnation of Money, Empress Ki, and Monster. The drama has received positive reviews from critics and viewers alike, praising its fast-paced plot, suspenseful twists, and stellar performances from the cast.

Lee Jong-suk plays Park Chang-ho, a talkative lawyer with a 10% winning rate. He is nicknamed Big Mouth for his tendency to blabber without thinking. He is married to Go Mi-ho (Im Yoon-ah), a nurse who supported him financially and emotionally while he studied law. She is beautiful, smart, and brave, and loves her husband dearly. One day, Park Chang-ho takes on a murder case that turns his life upside down. He becomes the prime suspect of being Big Mouse, a notorious swindler who has been pulling off elaborate scams for years. He soon realizes that he has been framed by someone powerful and that he has to fight for his survival and justice.

Kim Joo-hun plays Choi Do-ha, a prosecutor who is in charge of the murder case that Park Chang-ho is involved in. He is cold, ruthless, and ambitious, and will stop at nothing to catch Big Mouse. He believes that Park Chang-ho is the mastermind behind the scams and tries to prove his guilt by any means necessary. However, he also has a hidden agenda that involves a bigger conspiracy than he lets on.

The drama also features a strong supporting cast that includes Yang Kyung-won as Gong Ji-hoon, Park Chang-ho’s friend and fellow lawyer; Ok Ja-yeon as Hyun Ju-hee, Choi Do-ha’s colleague and love interest; Lee Ki-young as Ko Gi-kwang, Go Mi-ho’s father and a former detective; Kwak Dong-yeon as Jerry Oh Jin-chul, an American-Korean hacker who works for Big Mouse; Jae-Sung Jung as Park Yoon-gab, Park Chang-ho’s mentor and senior lawyer; Kyung-Chul Song as Chun-sik Yang, a prison gang leader who has a grudge against Park Chang-ho; Jang Hyuk-jin as Choi Joong-rak, Choi Do-ha’s father and a corrupt politician; Victoria Grace as Ashley, an American-Korean journalist who investigates the Big Mouse case; and John Choi as Soon-Tae Kim, another hacker who works for Big Mouse.

Big Mouth 2022 is a thrilling Korean drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its unpredictable plot twists and intense action scenes. It also explores the themes of justice, corruption, loyalty, family, love, and revenge. If you are looking for a drama that will make you gasp, laugh, cry, and cheer along with the characters, then Big Mouth 2022 is the one for you.

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