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    Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow – A Role-Playing Game for Nintendo DS

    Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow - A Role-Playing Game for Nintendo DS

    Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow is a role-playing game developed by tri-Crescendo and published by Bandai Namco Games for the Nintendo DS. It is the third game in the Blue Dragon series, following Blue Dragon on Xbox 360 and Blue Dragon Plus on DS. It was released in Japan in October 2009, in Europe in May 2010, and in North America in June 2010.

    The game features a new protagonist, a customizable character who wakes up with no memories and discovers that he or she is the only person who can still use Shadows, the powerful creatures that grant abilities to their wielders. The game also features the return of Shu and his friends from the previous games, who join the protagonist in investigating the mystery behind the disappearance of the Shadows. The game has a real-time action combat system, where players can move freely on 3D fields, attack enemies directly, and switch between different Shadows and skills. The game also supports online multiplayer modes, where players can team up with up to three other players to explore dungeons and fight bosses.

    Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow is a game for fans of the Blue Dragon series, as well as for those who enjoy action-oriented role-playing games. The game has a colorful and anime-inspired art style, a rich and expansive world to explore, and a variety of items, equipment, and skills to collect and customize. The game also has a compelling story that continues the saga of the Blue Dragon universe.

    The gameplay of Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow is different from the previous games in the series, as it adopts a real-time action combat system. The player can control one character out of a party of four, and switch between them at any time. The other characters are controlled by the AI and follow the player’s commands. The player can also customize the appearance and equipment of each character, as well as their Shadows and skills.

    The Shadows are the key feature of the game, as they grant different abilities and bonuses to the characters. There are seven types of Shadows: Dragon, Minotaur, Phoenix, Bat, Saber Tiger, Chimera, and Killer Bat. Each Shadow has its own set of skills that can be learned and upgraded by using skill points. The player can also equip accessories to the Shadows to enhance their attributes. The Shadows can be switched during battle, allowing the player to adapt to different situations and enemies.

    The game has a variety of dungeons to explore, each with its own theme and puzzles. The dungeons are filled with enemies, traps, treasure chests, and bosses. Some dungeons also have special cubes that can alter the environment or grant access to new areas. The game also has a day and night cycle that affects the appearance and behavior of some enemies and NPCs.

    The game supports online multiplayer modes via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The player can join or host a session with up to three other players and explore dungeons together. The multiplayer mode has its own exclusive dungeons and items that are not available in the single-player mode. The player can also chat with other players using preset messages or voice chat.

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