Bonnie Gray: A Soulful Author and Speaker

    Bonnie Gray: A Soulful Author and Speaker

    Bonnie Gray is a bestselling author of Christian books that inspire women to find their identity, peace and joy in God. She is also a soul care guide, speaker and podcast host who helps thousands of women to lower stress and anxiety and flourish in emotional wellness.

    In this article, we will explore Bonnie’s life story, her books and resources, and her soul care tips for women who want to breathe deeper and live fuller.

    Bonnie’s Life Story

    Bonnie was born on January 1, 1995 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is the daughter of a mail-order bride from Hong Kong and a busboy from San Francisco’s Chinatown. Growing up, she never felt beautiful or beloved, and struggled with loneliness and insecurity. She built her life to look pleasant and ordinary, with a wonderful husband, two amazing boys, and a thriving career.

    But despite these blessings, she still felt the emptiness of a missing piece. At 39, she discovered a long-forgotten birth certificate in an old file cabinet that sparked her curiosity about her family’s secrets and her true identity. She embarked on a quest to uncover her past and understand the home she was born into. Along the way, she encountered God’s whispers of love and grace that transformed her heart and soul.

    Bonnie’s Books and Resources

    Bonnie's Life Story

    Bonnie has written four books that empower women with biblical-based encouragement and simple soul care tips to restore calm to their emotions and body. Her books are:

    • Finding Spiritual Whitespace: A memoir-driven book that invites readers to create space in their lives for rest, play, creativity and intimacy with God.
    • Whispers of Rest: A 40-day book that offers daily devotions, prayers, journal prompts and challenges to help readers experience God’s love and revitalize their soul.
    • Sweet Like Jasmine: A unique memoir that blends storytelling, letter writing and cultural insights to help readers find their identity in a culture of loneliness. This book was named 2022 Christian Book Award Finalist by the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association.
    • Breathe: A 21-day book that teaches readers how to stress less and transform chaos to calm using scientific and scripture-based practices for their body, mind and soul. This book is available for preorder now.

    Bonnie also offers free resources for women who want to take better care of themselves and grow closer to God. These include:

    • Soul Care Quiz: A free online quiz that helps women identify which of the four types of wellness they need most to lower stress and anxiety.
    • Breathe: The Stress Less Podcast: A weekly podcast that features soul care tips, Bible study, prayer and meditation to help women detox stress with rest and God’s love.
    • Breathe: Online Bible Study: A free online Bible study led by Bonnie Gray that guides women through the book Breathe with community support.
    • Blog: A blog where Bonnie shares her personal stories, insights and encouragement for women who want to live inspired lives.

    Bonnie’s Soul Care Tips

    Bonnie's Books and Resources

    Bonnie believes that soul care is not a luxury but a necessity for women who want to live well and serve God. She offers some practical tips for women who want to practice soul care in their daily lives:

    1. Breathe in God’s words of affirmation: Start your day by reading or listening to God’s loving words for you from the Bible or a devotional book. Let His truth fill your mind and heart with peace and confidence.
    2. Breathe out prayer: Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, pause and breathe deeply. Release your worries to God in prayer. Ask Him for His help, guidance and comfort. Thank Him for His presence and promises

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