Chainsaw Man Anime’s English Dub Release Date Revealed

Chainsaw Man Anime's English Dub Release Date Revealed

Chainsaw Man is one of the most anticipated anime series of 2022, based on the popular manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The anime follows Denji, a young man who merges with his pet devil Pochita and becomes a chainsaw-wielding devil hunter. The anime is produced by MAPPA, the studio behind hits like Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan: The Final Season.

The anime premiered on October 11, 2022 on Crunchyroll, with new episodes streaming every Tuesday. However, fans who prefer to watch the anime in English dub will have to wait a little longer. Crunchyroll has announced that the English dub of Chainsaw Man will debut on November 15, 2022, with new dubbed episodes releasing every Monday.

The English dub cast of Chainsaw Man has not been revealed yet, but Crunchyroll has promised to share more details soon. The anime has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike, praising its animation, action, humor and horror elements. Chainsaw Man is expected to run for 12 episodes, covering the first arc of the manga.

Chainsaw Man is based on the manga of the same name by Tatsuki Fujimoto, which has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since December 2018. The manga has over 11 million copies in circulation as of October 2021, and has won several awards, including the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen manga and the 13th Manga Taishō Award. The manga is divided into two parts: the Public Safety Saga, which follows Denji’s adventures as a devil hunter for the Public Safety Bureau, and the Academy Saga, which follows his life as a student at a prestigious academy for devils and hybrids. The anime adaptation covers the first part of the manga, while the second part is still ongoing in Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ online magazine.

Chainsaw Man is a dark comedy and horror series that explores themes such as identity, morality, love, friendship, and death. The series is known for its unpredictable plot twists, graphic violence, and eccentric characters. The series also features a variety of devils, which are manifestations of human fears and desires. Some of the devils that appear in the series are Chainsaw Devil, Gun Devil, Bomb Devil, Shark Devil, Bat Devil, Eternity Devil, and Control Devil. The series also introduces the concept of contracts, which are agreements between humans and devils that grant them powers or abilities in exchange for something valuable.

The anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man has been highly anticipated by fans of the manga and anime lovers in general. The anime was announced in December 2020, along with a teaser visual featuring Denji and Pochita. The anime is directed by RyÅ« Nakayama, with Hiroshi Seko as the scriptwriter and Tatsuya Yoshihara as the chief animation director. The anime’s official website and Twitter account have been regularly updating fans with news, visuals, and character designs.

The anime’s first trailer was released on June 27, 2021, during the MAPPA Stage 10th Anniversary event. The trailer showcased the anime’s stunning animation, dynamic action scenes, and faithful adaptation of the manga’s style and tone. The trailer also revealed the anime’s opening theme song, “Man-Eater” by Eve, and the ending theme song, “Chainsaw” by Denzel Curry. The trailer received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and critics alike, with many praising MAPPA’s work and expressing their excitement for the anime.

The anime’s second trailer was released on August 8, 2021, during the Crunchyroll Expo 2021 event. The trailer featured more scenes from the anime, including some of the iconic moments from the manga, such as Denji’s transformation into Chainsaw Man, his fight with the Bat Devil, and his encounter with Makima. The trailer also introduced some of the main characters of the series, such as Aki Hayakawa, Power, Himeno, Kishibe, and Quanxi. The trailer also confirmed that the anime will premiere in October 2021 on Crunchyroll.

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