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    does best buy recycle old computers

    Does Best Buy Recycle Old Computers? Here’s What You Need to Know

    Does Best Buy Recycle Old Computers? Here's What You Need to Know

    If you have an old computer that you don’t use anymore, you might be wondering what to do with it. Throwing it away is not a good option, as it can harm the environment and waste valuable resources. Recycling it is a much better choice, as it can help reduce e-waste and give your old tech a second life.

    But where can you recycle your old computer? One of the easiest and most convenient places is Best Buy, the largest retail collector of e-waste in the United States. Best Buy has been running a voluntary recycling program since 2009 and has recycled more than 2 billion pounds of electronics and appliances so far.

    In this article, we will explain how Best Buy recycles old computers, what benefits it offers to customers and the environment, and what you need to know before bringing your old computer to a Best Buy store.

    How Best Buy Recycles Old Computers

    Best Buy makes it easy to recycle all kinds of used tech, including computers, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, webcams, hard drives, and ink/toner cartridges. Regardless of where you bought it, how old it is, or who made it, you can bring your old computer to any Best Buy store to have it recycled.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    • Check if your old computer has any trade-in value by using the Trade-in Calculator. You might be able to get a Best Buy gift card for your old tech that you can use to upgrade to the latest devices.
    • If your old computer does not have any trade-in value or you prefer to recycle it, check the recycling page for a list of items that Best Buy accepts for recycling and any fees that might apply. Some products are recycled for free, while others have a small fee to cover the cost of recycling.
    • Delete all data from your old computer before bringing it to a Best Buy store. You can follow these steps to wipe your hard drive. Best Buy also erases all information from devices they receive, but it’s always a good idea to back up your data and remove any personal information before recycling.
    • Bring your old computer to a Best Buy store and drop it off at the customer service desk. You can recycle up to three items per household per day.

    After you drop off your old computer, Best Buy will send it to one of their trusted recycling partners who will wipe any remaining data from the device and determine if it can be repaired, repurposed, or recycled. The recycled materials can be used to make new products such as fiber-optic cables or even airplanes.

    Why Best Buy Recycles Old Computers

    How Best Buy Recycles Old Computers

    Best Buy recycles old computers for several reasons:

    • To help customers get rid of their unwanted tech in a convenient and responsible way.
    • To protect the environment by keeping e-waste out of landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
    • To support their commitment to be carbon neutral across their business by 2040.
    • To create value for their business by generating revenue from trade-in programs and reducing costs from waste disposal.

    By recycling old computers at Best Buy, you can also enjoy these benefits:

    • You can free up space in your home and declutter your life.
    • You can get a Best Buy gift card for your old tech that still has value.
    • You can help save energy and natural resources by giving your old tech a second life.
    • You can support Best Buy’s sustainability goals and contribute to a circular economy.


    Why Best Buy Recycles Old Computers

    Best Buy is one of the best places to

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