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    Download Anghel Miriam Frailor mi-au spus ai Cloei Mp3 and Mp4 06:07 Min 8.4 MB MP3 Music Download

    Download Anghel Miriam  Frailor mi-au spus ai Cloei Mp3 and Mp4 06:07 Min 8.4 MB  MP3 Music Download

    Anghel Miriam | Fraților, mi-au spus ai Cloei: A Christian Song with a Powerful Message

    Anghel Miriam is a Romanian singer who has recorded a beautiful rendition of the song “Fraților, mi-au spus ai Cloei” (Brothers, Cloe’s people told me about you). The song was written by Costache Ioanid and Nicolae Moldoveanu, two renowned Christian poets and composers from Romania. The song is based on 1 Corinthians 1:11, where Paul writes to the church in Corinth that he has heard from Cloe’s people that there are divisions and quarrels among them.

    The song is a call for unity and love among the believers, reminding them of the imminent return of Christ and the need to be ready for His coming. The song also warns against the dangers of losing the first love, becoming lukewarm, and allowing the world to corrupt the purity of the gospel. The song uses vivid imagery and metaphors to convey its message, such as comparing the church to a garden where worms have eaten the roses, or to a bride who has stopped preparing for her groom.

    Anghel Miriam’s version of the song is accompanied by a simple but elegant instrumental track, recorded and mixed by Iorga Sergiu. Her voice is clear and expressive, conveying the emotion and urgency of the lyrics. The song was uploaded on YouTube on September 3, 2022, and has received over 24,000 views and many positive comments from listeners who were touched by the song.

    If you want to listen to this inspiring song, you can find it on YouTube or on Resurse Creștine, a website that offers Christian resources in Romanian. You can also find the lyrics and chords of the song on Chordify, a website that helps you play along with any song.

    Anghel Miriam is not only a singer, but also a musician who plays the piano and the guitar. She has a passion for Christian music and loves to share her faith through her songs. She has a YouTube channel where she uploads her covers and original songs, as well as some tutorials and tips for aspiring singers and musicians. She has 517 subscribers and over 50,000 views on her channel.

    She is also active on Instagram, where she posts photos and videos of her personal and professional life. She has 1,113 followers and 354 following on her account. She describes herself as a musician who loves God and people. She often uses hashtags such as #musicianlife, #worshipper, #faithful, #blessed, and #grateful to express her feelings and values.

    Anghel Miriam is not related to Veronica Anghel, a political scientist and lecturer at Johns Hopkins University who specializes in European integration and party politics in post-communist Europe. However, they share the same surname and the same country of origin, Romania. Romania is a southeastern European country with a population of about 19 million people. It is known for its rich culture, history, and natural beauty.

    Anghel Miriam is part of a vibrant and diverse Christian music scene in Romania, a country that has a long and rich tradition of religious music. Romania has a majority of Orthodox Christians, but also other denominations such as Catholics, Protestants, Pentecostals, Baptists, and Adventists. Christian music in Romania reflects this diversity and covers various genres such as folk, pop, rock, rap, worship, and gospel.

    Some of the most popular and influential Christian singers and bands in Romania are Manu Negrea, Nicu Wagner, Marius Livanu, ProFides, Argument, Excelsior, CristoCentric, Viorel Dejeu, Vicu Lazau, and many others. They have recorded albums, performed concerts, participated in festivals, and spread the gospel through their songs. They have also inspired many young and talented artists to follow their footsteps and express their faith through music.

    Christian music in Romania can be found on various platforms such as YouTube ,, Spotify, Apple Music, and others. It can also be heard on radio stations such as Radio Vocea Evangheliei, Radio Unison, Radio Calea Spre Cer, Radio Filadelfia, and others. Christian music in Romania is a powerful way of communicating the message of God’s love and grace to the people of Romania and beyond.

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