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    Anjaneya Sahasranamavali: The Thousand Names of Lord Hanuman

    Anjaneya Sahasranamavali is a hymn that praises the thousand names of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god who is a devotee of Lord Rama and a hero of the Ramayana epic. Hanuman is also known as Vayuputra, Rudra, Anjana Suta, Bajrangbali, Maruti and many other names. He is revered for his strength, courage, intelligence, devotion, loyalty and service to Rama.

    Anjaneya Sahasranamavali is composed in Sanskrit and has been chanted by many devotees for centuries. It is believed that chanting the names of Hanuman can bestow various benefits such as health, wealth, happiness, success, protection and liberation. Some of the names of Hanuman are also associated with his divine qualities, attributes, deeds and stories.

    Here are some examples of the names of Hanuman from Anjaneya Sahasranamavali:

    • Hanuman: The name means “one with a prominent jaw” or “one who has destroyed his ego”. It is also derived from the Sanskrit word “hanu” which means “to kill” or “to destroy”. Hanuman is the slayer of demons and evil forces.
    • Sriprado: The name means “one who bestows auspiciousness” or “one who grants prosperity”. Hanuman is the giver of blessings and fortune to his devotees.
    • Vayuputro: The name means “the son of Vayu” or “the son of the wind god”. Hanuman is the offspring of Vayu and Anjana, a celestial nymph. He has the power of the wind and can fly at great speeds.
    • Rudro: The name means “the fierce one” or “the form of Shiva”. Hanuman is an incarnation of Shiva, the destroyer god. He has the wrath and might of Shiva and can annihilate enemies with his mace.
    • Anjanasunur: The name means “the son of Anjana” or “the son of the star-eyed one”. Hanuman is the son of Anjana, who was cursed to become a monkey by a sage. She was blessed by Vayu to give birth to a divine child.
    • Ramabhakta: The name means “the devotee of Rama” or “the one who loves Rama”. Hanuman is the supreme devotee of Rama, the avatar of Vishnu. He met Rama in the forest and became his faithful servant and friend.
    • Lankari: The name means “the conqueror of Lanka” or “the one who set fire to Lanka”. Hanuman crossed the ocean and reached Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana, the demon king who abducted Sita, Rama’s wife. He searched for Sita and burned down Lanka with his flaming tail.
    • Sitashokavinashana: The name means “the remover of Sita’s sorrow” or “the one who comforted Sita”. Hanuman found Sita in Lanka and gave her Rama’s ring as a token of his love. He assured her that Rama would come to rescue her soon.
    • Ramaduta: The name means “the messenger of Rama” or “the one who carries out Rama’s orders”. Hanuman delivered Rama’s message to Ravana and warned him to release Sita or face his wrath. He also brought Rama’s message to Bharata, Rama’s brother, and Vibhishana, Ravana’s brother.
    • Pavanatanaya: The name means “the son of Pavana” or “the son of the purifier”. Pavana is another name for Vayu, the wind god. Hanuman is also called Pavanatanaya because he purifies the minds and hearts of his devotees with his grace.

    These are just some of the names of Hanuman from Anjaneya Sahasranamavali. There are many more names that describe his glory and greatness. You can listen

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