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    Download Dua Kumayl EN/URDU SUB – Ali Fani Mohsen Farahmand Azad Sayed Mustafa Al Musawi Mp3 29:23 Min – MP3 Music Download Da

    Download Dua Kumayl EN/URDU SUB – Ali Fani Mohsen Farahmand Azad Sayed Mustafa Al Musawi    Mp3 29:23 Min – MP3 Music Download  Da

    Dua Kumayl: A Supplication of Imam Ali (as)

    Dua Kumayl is a famous supplication that is attributed to Imam Ali (as), the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (saw). It is said that Imam Ali (as) taught this dua to his companion Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakha’i, and advised him to recite it on the eve of every Friday, or once a month, or at least once a year, so that Allah may protect him from the evils of the enemies and the plots of the impostors.

    Dua Kumayl is a heartfelt plea to Allah for forgiveness, mercy, guidance, and protection. It expresses the human condition of sinfulness, weakness, and neediness, and acknowledges the absolute power, glory, and grace of Allah. It also contains beautiful praises of Allah and His names, and asks for His light to illuminate the heart and soul.

    Dua Kumayl is recited by many Muslims around the world, especially by the followers of the Ahlulbayt (as), who are the family and descendants of Prophet Muhammad (saw). It is a source of spiritual nourishment, comfort, and inspiration for those who seek closeness to Allah and His forgiveness.

    There are many translations and recitations of Dua Kumayl available online. One can listen to the melodious voice of Abathar al Halawaji, who recites Dua Kumayl in Arabic with English subtitles. Another option is to watch the Keys to Paradise series on Ahlulbayt TV, which features Dua Kumayl along with other important supplications from the Ahlulbayt (as).

    Dua Kumayl is a treasure of wisdom, eloquence, and spirituality that can enrich one’s life and faith. It is recommended to recite it regularly and reflect on its meanings and implications. May Allah accept our prayers and grant us His mercy and forgiveness.

    Here are some more paragraphs for the article:

    Dua Kumayl begins with the invocation of Allah’s mercy, which encompasses all things. It then appeals to Allah’s strength, which dominates all things; His invincibility, which overwhelms all things; His might, which nothing can resist; His tremendousness, which has filled all things; His force, which towers over all things; His face, which subsists after the annihilation of all things; His names, which have filled the foundations of all things; His knowledge, which encompasses all things; and His light, which illuminates all things. The supplicant then addresses Allah as the Light, the All-holy, the First of those who are first, and the Last of those who are last.

    The supplicant then confesses his sins and asks Allah to forgive him those sins that tear apart safeguards, that draw down adversities, that change blessings into afflictions, that prevent supplications from being heard, that earn punishment, that block expectations, that cut off aspirations, that bring down calamities, and that cause tribulation and distress. He admits his ignorance, his forgetfulness, his disobedience, his oppression, his injustice, his rebellion, and his persistence in sin. He acknowledges that he has no excuse or justification for his sins, and that he has no refuge or escape from Allah’s wrath except by His pardon and clemency.

    The supplicant then implores Allah to look at him with the eye of mercy, to treat him with His gentle grace, to make him pleased and contented with His decree, to make him humble before His mightiness, to make him confess his sins sincerely, to grant him a repentance that is accepted by Him, to have mercy on him when he has no one else to have mercy on him, to be sufficient for him when he has no one else to suffice him, to help him when he has no one else to help him, to protect him when he has no one else to protect him. He asks Allah not to entrust him to himself or to any of His creatures.

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