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    Download Duet Romantis Rhoma Irama Dengan Rita Sugiarto Mp3 and Mp4 57:25 Min 78.85 MB MP3 Music Download

    Download Duet Romantis Rhoma Irama Dengan Rita Sugiarto Mp3 and Mp4 57:25 Min 78.85 MB MP3 Music Download

    If you are a fan of dangdut music, you must be familiar with the legendary duo of Rhoma Irama and Rita Sugiarto. They have collaborated on many hit songs that showcase their vocal talents and chemistry. Their duets are romantic, passionate, and sometimes dramatic, reflecting the themes of love, betrayal, and forgiveness.

    Now, you can enjoy their best duets in one album that contains 15 songs. You can download the album in mp3 or mp4 format, depending on your preference. The album has a total duration of 57:25 minutes and a file size of 78.85 MB. You can listen to the songs offline or online, on your computer or mobile device.

    To download the album, simply click on the link below and follow the instructions. You will be redirected to a secure site where you can choose your preferred format and quality. The download process is fast and easy, and you will get your file in no time.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to relive the golden era of dangdut music with Rhoma Irama and Rita Sugiarto. Download their duet album today and enjoy their romantic songs anytime, anywhere.

    Download Duet Romantis Rhoma Irama Dengan Rita Sugiarto Mp3 and Mp4 57:25 Min 78.85 MB MP3 Music Download

    If you want to know more about the songs in the album, here is a brief overview of each track. You will find the song title, the original release date, and a short description of the song.

    1. Menunggu (1978): This is one of the most popular duets of Rhoma Irama and Rita Sugiarto. It is a song about waiting for someone who has left and hoping for their return. The song expresses the feelings of longing, sadness, and hope.
    2. Pertemuan (1979): This is another hit song that tells the story of a reunion between two lovers who have been separated for a long time. The song captures the joy and excitement of seeing each other again after overcoming many obstacles.
    3. Cuma Kamu (1980): This is a sweet and romantic song that declares the love and devotion of one partner to another. The song emphasizes that there is no one else who can replace or compare to their lover.
    4. Malam Terakhir (1981): This is a dramatic and emotional song that depicts the last night of a relationship that is about to end. The song portrays the pain and regret of breaking up and saying goodbye.
    5. Bunga Surga (1982): This is a cheerful and upbeat song that celebrates the happiness and harmony of a couple who are in love. The song compares their love to a flower in heaven that never withers or fades.
    6. Piano (1983): This is a unique and creative song that uses the metaphor of a piano to describe the ups and downs of a relationship. The song compares the keys, chords, and melodies of a piano to the feelings, words, and actions of a couple.
    7. Kemilau Cinta Dilangit Jingga (1984): This is a poetic and expressive song that describes the beauty and splendor of love in the sky. The song uses colorful imagery and symbolism to convey the depth and intensity of love.
    8. Kerinduan (1985): This is a melancholic and nostalgic song that expresses the longing and yearning for someone who is far away. The song reflects the loneliness and sorrow of being apart from one’s lover.
    9. Begadang II (1986): This is a fun and lively song that invites one’s lover to stay up all night and enjoy their time together. The song encourages one to forget their worries and problems and just have fun.
    10. Cinta Berawan (1987): This is a sad and somber song that laments the fading and dying of love. The song compares love to a cloudy sky that obscures the sun and brings rain.
    11. Santai (1988): This is a relaxed and laid-back song that advises one to take it easy and not stress too much about life. The song promotes a positive and optimistic attitude towards life’s challenges.
    12. Kehilangan (1989): This is a heartbreaking and tragic song that mourns the loss of one’s lover who has passed away. The song expresses the grief and despair of losing one’s soulmate.
    13. Matahariku (1990): This is a warm and tender song that praises one’s lover as their sun who brightens their day and life. The song expresses gratitude and appreciation for having such a wonderful partner.
    14. Syahdu (1991): This is a serene and peaceful song that conveys the calmness and tranquility of being with one’s lover. The song reflects the harmony and bliss of love.
    15. Rindu Berat (1992): This is an intense and passionate song that conveys the strong desire and craving for one’s lover who is away. The song reflects the burning and restless feeling of missing someone deeply.

    We hope you enjoy listening to these amazing duets by Rhoma Irama and Rita Sugiarto. Don’t forget to download their album today!

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