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    Download Email Aqua Mail – Fast, Secure

    Download Email Aqua Mail – Fast, Secure

    If you are looking for a reliable, smart, and customizable email app for your Android device, you should consider downloading Email Aqua Mail. This app is one of the best email clients for Android, with more than 5 million users and hundreds of positive reviews. In this article, we will tell you what Email Aqua Mail is, why you should download it, how to download it, and how to set it up.

    What is Email Aqua Mail?

    Email Aqua Mail is an email app for Android that lets you connect and manage multiple email accounts from one place. It supports any email provider and account type, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, iCloud, Webmail, and more. It also offers advanced features and settings that make your email experience more enjoyable and productive.

    A smart, customizable, and secure email app for Android

    Email Aqua Mail is not just another email app. It is a smart email app that adapts to your needs and preferences. You can tailor the app to your liking with more than 300 settings, including look and feel, swipe actions, quick select all, text size adjustment, rich text editor, dark theme, and more. You can also use the Smart Folder feature to unify and organize all your messages from different accounts into one well-managed inbox.

    Email Aqua Mail is also a secure email app that protects your privacy and data. It does not collect or store your passwords, emails, or private message content. It uses the more secure OAUTH2 login method when adding Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Yandex accounts. It also provides extra layers of security with the latest encryption protocols, such as SSL hardening, SSL certificate tracking, DKIM and SPF validation. You can also use the S/MIME end-to-end encryption feature to ensure that only you and the intended recipient can read your emails.

    Supports any email provider and account type

    Email Aqua Mail works with any IMAP or POP3-enabled mailbox. You can add any email provider account to the app and manage it with ease. You can also sync your contacts and calendar for Exchange and Office 365 accounts. Email Aqua Mail supports multiple identities (aliases) for each account, so you can send emails from different addresses using the same account.

    Email Aqua Mail also supports push mail for Exchange servers (corporate email) and Office 365. This means that you can receive instant notifications of new emails without draining your battery or data usage. You can also set priority notifications for specific accounts or folders.

    Offers advanced features and settings

    Email Aqua Mail is not just a simple email app. It is a powerful email app that offers many advanced features and settings that make your email experience more efficient and enjoyable. Some of these features are:

    • Rich text editor – You can use fonts, colors, attachments, quoting customizations, and more styling and formatting options to compose beautiful emails.
    • Save as PDF – You can save any email as a PDF file and share it with others or store it for later use.
    • Signature support – You can create and use different signatures for each account or identity.
    • Backup and restore – You can backup and restore your accounts and settings using a local or cloud storage service.
    • Save as EML – You can save any email as an EML file and open it with another email app or program.
    • Delete folders – You can delete any folder from your account

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