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    ISLAAH TANZANIA: The Voice of Islamic Poetry in Swahili

    ISLAAH TANZANIA is a group of young Muslim poets who use their talents to spread the message of Islam and inspire others through their qaswida, or Islamic poetry. Qaswida is a form of religious poetry that originated in Arabia and spread to other parts of the Muslim world, especially East Africa. Qaswida is usually sung in praise of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, or other Islamic topics.

    One of the most popular qaswida by ISLAAH TANZANIA is “Rafiki wa Kweli”, which means “True Friend” in Swahili. The qaswida talks about the qualities of a true friend who is loyal, honest, supportive, and God-fearing. The qaswida also warns against fake friends who are selfish, deceitful, and hypocritical. The qaswida has a catchy melody and a powerful message that resonates with many listeners.

    If you want to listen to “Rafiki wa Kweli” by ISLAAH TANZANIA, you can download the MP3 or MP4 file from this link: The video is 23:07 minutes long and has a size of 31.75 MB. You can also watch other qaswida by ISLAAH TANZANIA on their YouTube channel:

    Enjoy the beautiful voice and words of ISLAAH TANZANIA and learn more about Islam and its teachings through their qaswida.

    ISLAAH TANZANIA is not only a group of poets, but also a community of Muslims who are dedicated to spreading the word of Allah and helping others in need. They organize various events and activities to educate, entertain, and empower the youth and the society. Some of their events include:

    • Duffu Kubwa: A weekly gathering where they perform qaswida and share Islamic knowledge.
    • Jamvi Islaah: A monthly event where they invite guest speakers and artists to talk about various topics related to Islam and life.
    • Swiffat Tegeta: A charity project where they distribute food, clothes, and other essentials to the poor and needy.
    • Islamic Quiz: A competition where they test the participants’ knowledge of Islam and reward them with prizes.

    ISLAAH TANZANIA is a shining example of how Islam can inspire creativity, unity, and service. They are always looking for new members and supporters who share their vision and passion. If you want to join them or support them, you can contact them through their social media platforms:

    May Allah bless ISLAAH TANZANIA and their efforts to spread His message and His mercy.

    ISLAAH TANZANIA has received a lot of praise and appreciation from their fans and followers who enjoy their qaswida and their events. Here are some of the comments from their YouTube videos:

    “MashaAllah, this is the best qaswida I have ever heard. It touched my heart and made me cry. May Allah reward you for your beautiful voice and words.”

    – Fatma Hassan

    “SubhanAllah, this is a very powerful message. It made me reflect on my life and my friends. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of having true friends who fear Allah and love His messenger.”

    – Ahmed Ali

    “Alhamdulillah, this is a very inspiring group. They are not only talented, but also humble and generous. I attended their Jamvi Islaah event and I learned a lot from their guest speaker. I also donated to their Swiffat Tegeta project and I saw how they helped the needy people. May Allah increase them in goodness and success.”

    – Amina Yusuf

    ISLAAH TANZANIA has also received recognition and support from other Islamic organizations and media outlets. They have been featured in several magazines, radio shows, and TV programs. They have also collaborated with other Islamic artists and speakers from different countries. Some of their partners include:

    • Al-Huda TV: A satellite channel that broadcasts Islamic programs in English.
    • Qaswaidah Online: A website that provides qaswida lyrics, translations, and downloads.
    • Qaswaidah Academy: A school that teaches qaswida writing, recitation, and performance.
    • Nasheed World: A platform that showcases nasheed artists from around the world.
    • Islamic Relief: A humanitarian organization that provides aid to the victims of disasters and conflicts.

    ISLAAH TANZANIA is a group that has made a positive impact on the Islamic community and the society at large. They have used their talents and resources to spread the word of Allah and His messenger, to educate and entertain the people, and to help those in need. They have also shown that Islam is a religion of peace, love, and mercy.

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