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    Download Kalya Matit Matit Shubhangii Kedar Marathi Cover Song Old Marathi Song Mp3 and Mp4 02:40 Min 3.66 MB MP3 Music Download

    Kalya Matit Matit: A Beautiful Marathi Cover Song by Shubhangii Kedar

    If you are looking for a soothing and melodious Marathi song to listen to, you should check out Kalya Matit Matit by Shubhangii Kedar. This is a cover version of an old Marathi song that was originally sung by Asha Bhosle and composed by Sudhir Phadke. Shubhangii Kedar is a talented singer who has given a fresh and soulful rendition of this classic song.

    Kalya Matit Matit is a song that expresses the feelings of a woman who is waiting for her beloved to return. She compares her life to a barren land that needs the rain of his love. She sings about how she misses him and how she hopes he will come back soon. The lyrics are poetic and romantic, and the music is soothing and relaxing.

    You can download Kalya Matit Matit by Shubhangii Kedar in MP3 or MP4 format from our website. The song is 02:40 minutes long and has a file size of 3.66 MB. You can also stream the song online or watch the video on YouTube. We guarantee that you will enjoy this beautiful Marathi cover song by Shubhangii Kedar.

    Shubhangii Kedar is a young and talented singer who has a passion for music. She started singing at the age of four and has participated in various singing competitions and shows. She has also learned classical music from her guru, Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar. She loves to sing different genres of music, such as ghazals, bhajans, folk songs, and Bollywood songs. She has a sweet and versatile voice that can touch the hearts of the listeners.

    Kalya Matit Matit is one of her popular cover songs that has received a lot of appreciation and praise from the audience. She has given a new life to this old Marathi song with her beautiful voice and expression. She has also made a video for this song, in which she is seen wearing a traditional Marathi saree and jewelry. The video is simple and elegant, and complements the mood of the song.

    If you want to listen to more songs by Shubhangii Kedar, you can follow her on her social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also subscribe to our website to get updates on her latest songs and videos. We hope you enjoy listening to Kalya Matit Matit by Shubhangii Kedar, and share it with your friends and family.

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