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    KnightSA89 & LebtoniQ -Deeper Soulful Sounds Vol.93 (2022 Exclusive Mix): A Review

    If you are looking for a mixtape that will take you on a journey of deep and soulful house music, you might want to check out KnightSA89 & LebtoniQ -Deeper Soulful Sounds Vol.93 (2022 Exclusive Mix). This is the latest installment of the popular series by the duo of KnightSA89 and LebtoniQ, who are known for their midtempo sessions and polopo shandis.

    The mixtape features some of the finest tracks from artists such as Deep Sen, KingTalkzin, Audiology, Spin Worx, Frank August, Trust SA, Mogomotsi Chosen, Coco SA, MrMilkDee, TimAdeep, MackTen, Dj Conflict, DarknessReignSA and many more. The mixtape is a blend of smooth vocals, groovy beats and melodic chords that will soothe your soul and make you dance.

    The mixtape is available for streaming and download on various platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Bamoza and Podtail. You can also follow KnightSA89 and LebtoniQ on their social media pages for more updates and bookings. If you are a fan of deeper soulful sounds, you don’t want to miss this exclusive mix.

    Here are some of the highlights of the mixtape:

    • Deep Sen x KingTalkzin x Knight Sa ft Russell Zuma-Indaba Zethu (Instrumental Mix): This is the opening track of the mixtape, and it sets the mood for the rest of the journey. The instrumental mix is a fusion of deep and afro house elements, with a catchy melody and a powerful bassline.
    • Audiology & Spin Worx Ft Frank August: This is a collaboration between Audiology and Spin Worx, two talented producers who have been making waves in the house music scene. The track features the vocals of Frank August, who delivers a soulful performance over a smooth and groovy beat.
    • Trust SA: Trust SA is one of the rising stars of the deeper soulful sounds genre, and he showcases his skills and versatility on this mixtape. He delivers some of the most captivating tracks on the mixtape, such as “I’m Sorry”, “I’m Not Afraid” and “I Need You”. His tracks are full of emotion and depth, and they will touch your heart.
    • Mogomotsi Chosen: Mogomotsi Chosen is another artist who has been making a name for himself in the deeper soulful sounds scene. He has a distinctive voice and style that sets him apart from other vocalists. He features on several tracks on the mixtape, such as “I’m Yours”, “You Are The One” and “My Love”. His vocals are smooth and soothing, and they complement the beats perfectly.
    • DarknessReignSA: DarknessReignSA is a producer who brings a darker and edgier vibe to the mixtape. His tracks are more experimental and futuristic, with elements of techno and electro. He adds some diversity and contrast to the mixtape, with tracks such as “Darkness Reigns”, “The Future Is Now” and “The End Of The World”. His tracks are not for the faint-hearted, but they will challenge your ears and mind.

    These are just some of the artists and tracks that you will find on KnightSA89 & LebtoniQ -Deeper Soulful Sounds Vol.93 (2022 Exclusive Mix). The mixtape is a masterpiece of deeper soulful sounds, and it will take you on a musical adventure that you will never forget. Don’t miss this exclusive mix by KnightSA89 and LebtoniQ, and make sure you share it with your friends and family.

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