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    Krupaa Kshemamu: A Telugu Christian Song by Hosanna Ministries

    Krupaa Kshemamu is a popular Telugu Christian song by Hosanna Ministries, a gospel music ministry based in India. The song is part of their album Tejhomayudu, which was released in 2017. The song expresses the gratitude and praise of the singer to Jesus Christ, who is the source of grace, peace, eternal life, and victory. The song also testifies to the personal experience of the singer with God’s word, vision, and power.

    The song has been viewed more than 15 million times on YouTube, and has been sung by many churches and choirs across the Telugu-speaking regions of India and abroad. The song has also been translated into English and other languages by various Christian groups. The song lyrics are written by Pastor John Wesley, who is the founder and president of Hosanna Ministries.

    The song has four verses and a chorus that repeats after each verse. The chorus goes like this:

    Krupaa Kshemamu Nee Saswatha Jeevamu
    Naa Jeevitha Kalamanthayu Neevu Dhayacheyuvadavu
    Mahonnathamaina Nee Upakaaramulu
    Thalanchuchu Anukshanamu Paravasinchanaa
    Nee Krupalone Paravasinchanaa

    The English translation of the chorus is:

    Grace and peace are your eternal life
    You are the one who gives them to me throughout my life
    Your glorious deeds are beyond measure
    They fill me with awe every moment
    I surrender to your grace alone
    I surrender to your grace alone

    If you want to listen to the song or download the mp3 file, you can click on the links below:

    We hope you enjoy this beautiful song and are blessed by its message.

    Here are some more paragraphs for the article:

    Hosanna Ministries is a Christian organization that aims to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and people groups. The ministry was founded by Bro. Yesanna, who was born in a poor Hindu family in Andhra Pradesh, India. He had a miraculous encounter with Jesus at the age of 16, when he was healed from a severe stomach ailment. He dedicated his life to serve God and started preaching the gospel in his village. He faced many persecutions and hardships, but he never gave up his faith and vision.

    Bro. Yesanna had a passion for music and worship. He composed many songs and albums that touched millions of hearts and souls. His songs are known for their biblical depth, poetic beauty, and musical excellence. He also trained many young singers and musicians who are now serving God in various ministries. Some of his famous albums are Tejomayudu, Krupaa Kshemamu, Nee Premaku Sharanam, Rajadhi Raju, and many more.

    Bro. Yesanna also had a burden for the poor and needy. He established many orphanages, old age homes, schools, colleges, hospitals, and other social service projects under the banner of Hosanna Ministries. He also supported many pastors and missionaries who are working in remote and unreached areas. He was a generous giver and a humble servant of God.

    Bro. Yesanna went to be with the Lord on December 18, 2012, after suffering a cardiac arrest. He left behind a legacy of faith, love, and service that continues to inspire many people around the world. His wife Sis. Ruthamma, his son Pas. Abraham Kishore, his daughter Sis. Prasanna Kumari, and his son-in-law Pas. Ramesh are carrying on his vision and ministry with the same zeal and dedication.

    Hosanna Ministries is committed to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by preaching the gospel, making disciples, planting churches, training leaders, and serving the society with God’s love and compassion.

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