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    Maye Ni Sade Vihrhe: A Heartfelt Song by Gagan Cheema

    Maye Ni Sade Vihrhe is a Punjabi song sung by Gagan Cheema, a talented singer from Punjab. The song is written by Navneet Kaur Virk and the video is shot by SC Creations. The song expresses the emotions of a daughter who misses her mother after getting married and leaving her home. The song is a tribute to all the mothers who sacrifice their happiness for their children.

    The song was released on YouTube on September 7, 2022 and has received over 66K views and 1K likes. The song has been praised by the listeners for its soulful voice, touching lyrics and beautiful video. The song is available for download in MP3 format from various websites.

    Maye Ni Sade Vihrhe is a song that will make you cry and smile at the same time. It is a song that will remind you of your mother and her unconditional love. It is a song that will make you appreciate your mother more and thank her for everything she has done for you.

    About Gagan Cheema: The Singer Behind the Song

    Gagan Cheema is a singer from Punjab, India, who has a passion for music and singing. She started her singing career in 2018 with the song Koonda Vs Khoonda, which was a hit among the Punjabi audience. Since then, she has released many songs in different genres, such as Dheeyan, Dhiye Jug Jug Jeevein, Laide Ni Laide Maye and Tere Vihrhe Maye Nimmrhi. She has also collaborated with other singers and lyricists, such as Sangdil 47, Naturedeep Kahlon and Amrinder Kang.

    Gagan Cheema is not only a singer but also a health educator and a dietitian. She works at the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH) in Australia, where she provides health education and nutrition advice to migrant and refugee women. She has a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Canberra and has experience in chronic disease management and prevention. She speaks Punjabi, Hindi and English and uses her language skills to reach out to diverse communities.

    Gagan Cheema is a versatile and talented singer who has a bright future ahead of her. She is an inspiration to many women who want to pursue their dreams and passions. She is also a role model for her daughter, who often features in her songs and videos. Gagan Cheema is a singer who sings from her heart and touches the hearts of her listeners.

    What Gagan Cheema Says About Her Music and Life

    Gagan Cheema is a singer who loves to express her feelings and thoughts through her music. She says that music is her passion and her way of connecting with people. She says that she sings for herself and for her listeners, who appreciate her voice and her songs. She says that she is grateful for the support and love she receives from her fans and followers.

    Gagan Cheema also shares some of her quotes about her music and life on her social media platforms. Here are some of them:

    • “Music is the language of the soul.”
    • “I sing because I love to sing. I sing because it makes me happy.”
    • “My mother is my inspiration. She taught me how to sing and how to live.”
    • “I believe in myself and my dreams. I work hard to achieve them.”
    • “I am proud of my culture and my roots. I want to spread the message of love and peace through my music.”
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