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    Download Mp3 Akcent Love Stoned Mp3 or Listen Free [5.1 MB] MP3 Music Download

    How to Download Mp3 Akcent Love Stoned Mp3 or Listen Free Online

    How to Download Mp3 Akcent Love Stoned Mp3 or Listen Free Online

    If you are a fan of Akcent, the Romanian dance-pop group, you might want to download their hit song “Love Stoned” in mp3 format or listen to it online for free. Here are some ways you can do that:

    • Visit the official website of Akcent at and go to the Music section. There you can find “Love Stoned” and other songs from their albums and singles. You can stream them online or download them for free by clicking on the download icon.
    • Use a YouTube to mp3 converter tool such as or Just copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video of “Love Stoned” (for example, and choose the mp3 format. Then click on the convert button and download the mp3 file to your device.
    • Use a music streaming service such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Deezer. You can search for “Love Stoned” by Akcent and listen to it online for free with ads or with a subscription. You can also download the song to your device if you have a premium account.

    Enjoy listening to “Love Stoned” by Akcent and share it with your friends!

    Here are some more information about “Love Stoned” by Akcent:

    • “Love Stoned” is a song from Akcent’s fourth studio album, “King of Disco”, released in 2007. It was written by Adrian Sina, the lead singer of the group, and produced by Marius Moga.
    • “Love Stoned” is a dance-pop song with influences of electro and house music. It features a catchy chorus and a rap verse by Dollarman, a Jamaican reggae artist.
    • “Love Stoned” was a commercial success in several countries, especially in Eastern Europe. It reached the top 10 in Romania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey. It also charted in other countries such as France, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.
    • “Love Stoned” has a music video that was directed by Iulian Moga and filmed in Bucharest, Romania. It shows Akcent performing the song in a club and dancing with some models. The video has over 50 million views on YouTube as of May 2023.

    “Love Stoned” is one of the most popular songs by Akcent and a classic of the dance-pop genre. If you like this song, you might also like other songs by Akcent such as “That’s My Name”, “Stay With Me”, “Kylie”, or “My Passion”.

    Here are some more paragraphs about “Love Stoned” by Akcent:

    If you want to learn the lyrics of “Love Stoned” by Akcent, you can find them online on various websites such as or You can also watch the lyric video of the song on YouTube at Sing along and have fun!

    If you want to remix “Love Stoned” by Akcent, you can find the instrumental and acapella versions of the song online on websites such as or You can also listen to some remixes of the song by other artists and DJs such as Eric Chase, Otherview, or DJ Andi. You can find them on YouTube or SoundCloud.

    If you want to support Akcent and their music, you can follow them on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel and watch their videos. You can also buy their albums and singles on iTunes, Amazon, or other online platforms. You can also stream their songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Deezer.

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