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    Download Red Mercury in Nepal Mp3 and Mp4 10:19 Min 14.17 MB MP3 Music Download

    How to Download Red Mercury in Nepal Mp3 and Mp4

    Red Mercury is a popular song by the Nepali band The Shadows. It has a catchy tune and lyrics that talk about the political and social issues in Nepal. The song is available in both mp3 and mp4 formats, and you can download it for free from various websites. Here are the steps to download Red Mercury in Nepal Mp3 and Mp4:

    1. Go to, which is the official YouTube video of the song.
    2. Copy the URL of the video from the address bar.
    3. Go to, which is a free online converter that can convert YouTube videos to mp3 or mp4 files.
    4. Paste the URL of the video in the box and choose the format you want (mp3 or mp4).
    5. Click on Convert and wait for a few seconds.
    6. Click on Download and save the file to your device.

    Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded Red Mercury in Nepal Mp3 or Mp4. Enjoy listening to the song and share it with your friends.

    If you want to know more about the band The Shadows and their songs, you can visit their official website at You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify. The Shadows are one of the most popular rock bands in Nepal, and they have released several albums and singles since their debut in 1998. Some of their other famous songs are Hidne Manche Ladcha, Samjhine Mutu and Suna Hamro Awaz.

    Red Mercury is not only a song, but also a documentary film that was released in 2019. The film is directed by Aashish Bhetwal and features the band members of The Shadows as well as other Nepali artists and activists. The film explores the history and current situation of Nepal, and how music can be a powerful tool for social change. The film also shows the challenges and struggles that the band faced while making the song and the film. You can watch the trailer of the film at

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