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    Download Swapanshatra Explained in Hindi Mp3 and Mp4 07:35 Min 10.41 MB MP3 Music Download

    Download                  Swapanshatra Explained in Hindi Mp3 and Mp4 07:35 Min 10.41 MB  MP3 Music Download

    How to Download Swapanshatra Explained in Hindi Mp3 and Mp4

    If you are interested in learning about the ancient Indian science of dream interpretation, you might want to download Swapanshatra explained in Hindi mp3 and mp4. Swapanshatra is a Sanskrit word that means “the science of dreams”. It is a branch of Indian astrology that deals with the meaning and significance of dreams. According to Swapanshatra, dreams are not random or meaningless, but rather reveal important insights into our past, present and future.

    In this article, we will show you how to download Swapanshatra explained in Hindi mp3 and mp4 from a reliable and safe source. You will be able to listen to or watch a 07:35 minute long audio or video file that explains the basics of Swapanshatra in simple and clear Hindi language. You will also learn how to interpret your own dreams using the principles of Swapanshatra.

    Steps to Download Swapanshatra Explained in Hindi Mp3 and Mp4

    1. Go to the website This is the official website of Swapanshatra, where you can find authentic and quality content on dream interpretation.
    2. On the homepage, you will see a banner that says “Download Swapanshatra Explained in Hindi Mp3 and Mp4”. Click on it.
    3. You will be redirected to a page where you can choose between mp3 and mp4 formats. Mp3 is an audio file that you can listen to on any device, while mp4 is a video file that you can watch on your computer or smartphone.
    4. Select the format that suits your preference and click on the download button. The file size is 10.41 MB, so it should not take long to download.
    5. Once the download is complete, you can open the file and enjoy learning about Swapanshatra.

    Benefits of Downloading Swapanshatra Explained in Hindi Mp3 and Mp4

    By downloading Swapanshatra explained in Hindi mp3 and mp4, you will be able to:

    • Learn about the history and origin of Swapanshatra, and how it differs from other forms of dream analysis.
    • Understand the different types of dreams, such as symbolic, literal, prophetic, lucid, etc., and how to identify them.
    • Discover the meaning of various dream symbols, such as animals, colors, numbers, people, places, etc., and how they relate to your life.
    • Apply the rules and methods of Swapanshatra to interpret your own dreams and gain valuable guidance and wisdom.
    • Improve your mental health, emotional well-being, spiritual growth, and personal development by using your dreams as a source of inspiration and motivation.

    Download Swapanshatra explained in Hindi mp3 and mp4 today and start exploring the fascinating world of dreams!

    Some Examples of Swapanshatra Interpretations

    To give you an idea of how Swapanshatra works, here are some examples of common dreams and their interpretations according to Swapanshatra:

    • Dreaming of water: Water represents emotions, feelings, intuition, and subconscious. Depending on the quality and quantity of water, the dream can have different meanings. For example, clear and calm water indicates peace and harmony, while dirty and turbulent water indicates confusion and turmoil. Dreaming of a river or a stream suggests that you are going with the flow of life, while dreaming of an ocean or a sea suggests that you are facing some challenges or opportunities.
    • Dreaming of fire: Fire represents energy, passion, creativity, and transformation. Depending on the context and intensity of fire, the dream can have different meanings. For example, a small and controlled fire indicates enthusiasm and inspiration, while a large and destructive fire indicates anger and destruction. Dreaming of a candle or a lamp suggests that you are seeking guidance and enlightenment, while dreaming of a forest fire or a volcano suggests that you are undergoing some major changes or crises.
    • Dreaming of flying: Flying represents freedom, independence, ambition, and aspiration. Depending on the mode and direction of flying, the dream can have different meanings. For example, flying with wings or a plane indicates that you have the means and resources to achieve your goals, while flying without any support indicates that you have a strong will and confidence. Dreaming of flying high in the sky suggests that you have a broad vision and perspective, while dreaming of flying low or falling suggests that you have some fears or doubts.

    How to Remember Your Dreams

    One of the challenges of Swapanshatra is to remember your dreams. Many people forget their dreams as soon as they wake up, or only recall fragments or vague impressions. However, remembering your dreams is essential for Swapanshatra, as it allows you to analyze them and extract their meaning. Here are some tips to help you remember your dreams:

    • Keep a dream journal: This is the most effective way to remember your dreams. As soon as you wake up, write down everything you can remember about your dream in as much detail as possible. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling, just focus on capturing the essence of your dream. You can also use voice recording or drawing to record your dream. The more you practice this habit, the more you will be able to recall your dreams.
    • Set an intention: Before you go to sleep, tell yourself that you want to remember your dreams. You can also ask a specific question or request guidance on a particular issue. This will help you focus your attention and intention on your dreams.
    • Avoid distractions: When you wake up, don’t check your phone or turn on the TV right away. These activities will distract you from your dream and make you forget it. Instead, stay in bed for a few minutes and try to recall your dream.
    • Use triggers: Sometimes, certain objects, sounds, smells, or events can trigger your memory of a dream. For example, if you dreamt of a flower, seeing a flower in real life might remind you of your dream. Try to notice these triggers and use them to jog your memory.
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