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    Tu Chal Pudh: A Video Song by Students to Thank All the Frontline Workers

    Tu Chal Pudh is a video song created by a group of students from Maharashtra, India, to express their gratitude and appreciation to all the doctors, police, nurses and farmers who have been working tirelessly during the Covid-19 pandemic. The song is sung in Marathi and has a catchy tune and inspiring lyrics.

    The video features the students holding placards with messages of thanks and encouragement for the frontline workers. They also show some of the challenges and hardships faced by them, such as lack of protective equipment, long working hours, and emotional stress. The video ends with a message of hope and solidarity: “We are with you, you are not alone.”

    The song was released on YouTube on April 15, 2023, and has received over 10 million views and thousands of positive comments. Many viewers praised the students for their creativity and initiative, and expressed their support for the frontline workers. Some of the comments are:

    • “This song is so touching and uplifting. Thank you students for making this beautiful tribute to our heroes.”
    • “I am a doctor and I feel so honored and humbled by this song. Thank you students for your kindness and appreciation. You are the future of our country.”
    • “What a wonderful way to spread positivity and awareness. Thank you students for your talent and courage. You have made us proud.”

    The students who made the song said that they wanted to do something meaningful and creative during the lockdown, and to show their respect and gratitude to the frontline workers who have been risking their lives to save others. They said that they hope that their song will inspire others to follow the Covid-19 guidelines and to support the frontline workers in any way possible.

    Tu Chal Pudh is available for download as an mp3 file on various music platforms. You can also watch the video on YouTube by clicking here.

    Tu Chal Pudh is not the only song that has been made by students to thank the frontline workers. In fact, there have been many other songs and videos that have been created and shared online by students from different parts of the country and the world. Some of the examples are:

    • “Teri Mitti”: A song sung by students from Delhi Public School, Bangalore, to pay tribute to the doctors and nurses who have been fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. The song is based on the popular Bollywood song “Teri Mitti” from the movie Kesari, and has been modified to suit the current situation. The song has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube.
    • “We Will Rise”: A song composed and performed by students from The Doon School, Dehradun, to motivate and inspire people during the Covid-19 crisis. The song has a rock music style and has powerful lyrics that convey a message of resilience and optimism. The song has been uploaded on SoundCloud and has received over 50,000 plays.
    • “Thank You”: A video song made by students from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, to express their gratitude and admiration for the police personnel who have been enforcing the lockdown and maintaining law and order. The song is sung in English and Hindi and has a rap music style. The video shows the students holding posters and banners with messages of thanks and appreciation for the police. The video has been watched over 2 million times on YouTube.

    These songs and videos show how students have been using their creativity and talent to spread positivity and awareness during these challenging times. They also show how music can be a powerful medium to convey emotions and messages, and to connect with people across boundaries and cultures. These songs and videos are a testament to the spirit and potential of the youth, who have been playing an important role in the fight against Covid-19.

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