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    I tried the CHLOE TING two week shred challenge and I’m extremely unfit

    If you’re looking for a free workout program that can help you lose weight, tone your body and work on your abs, you might have heard of the CHLOE TING two week shred challenge. It’s a 14-day program that consists of 20-50 minute HIIT workouts that target different muscle groups and burn calories. Sounds amazing, right?

    Well, I decided to give it a try and see if I could survive the challenge. Spoiler alert: it was hard. Really hard. Especially for someone like me who is extremely unfit and hasn’t exercised in months. But I did it anyway, and here’s what happened.

    Day 1: The Beginning

    The first day of the challenge was a full body workout that lasted for 40 minutes. It had four videos: warm up, full body burn, abs workout and cool down. I was feeling motivated and ready to start, so I put on my workout clothes and pressed play.

    The warm up was easy enough, just some stretches and light cardio to get the blood flowing. The full body burn was where things got intense. It had 28 exercises that lasted for 40 seconds each, with 10 seconds rest in between. Some of the exercises were burpees, mountain climbers, jump squats and plank jacks. I was sweating and panting like crazy after the first few minutes. I had to take longer breaks and modify some of the moves to make them easier. The abs workout was also tough, with 21 exercises that targeted the upper, lower and oblique abs. I felt like my core was on fire. The cool down was a relief, but I was still sore and exhausted.

    I finished the first day feeling proud of myself for completing the workout, but also wondering how I would survive the next 13 days.

    Day 2: The Pain

    The second day of the challenge was an active rest day, which meant that I could do any low-impact activity that I wanted. I chose to do some yoga and stretching to ease the soreness in my muscles. It helped a little bit, but I was still feeling the pain from yesterday’s workout.

    I also noticed that I was hungrier than usual, probably because of the increased energy expenditure. I tried to eat healthy and balanced meals, with plenty of protein, carbs and veggies. I also drank a lot of water to stay hydrated.

    Day 3: The Struggle

    The third day of the challenge was another full body workout that lasted for 50 minutes. It had five videos: warm up, full body burn 2, abs workout 2, lower body burn and cool down. I was dreading this day because it looked harder than the first one.

    And it was. The full body burn 2 had 30 exercises that were more challenging and complex than the previous one. Some of the exercises were spiderman push ups, high knees with twist, side plank dips and jump lunges. I struggled a lot with this video and had to pause several times to catch my breath and drink water. The abs workout 2 was also more difficult, with 24 exercises that included leg raises, bicycle crunches, reverse crunches and Russian twists. My abs were screaming at me to stop. The lower body burn was a killer, with 26 exercises that focused on the glutes, quads and hamstrings. Some of the exercises were glute bridges, curtsy lunges, squat pulses and fire hydrants. My legs were shaking and burning by the end of it.

    I finished the third day feeling like a zombie. I could barely walk or sit without feeling pain in every muscle of my body.

    Day 4: The Breakthrough

    The fourth day of the challenge was another active rest day, which I desperately needed after yesterday’s torture session. I did some more yoga and stretching, as well as some foam rolling to release the tension in my muscles.

    I also noticed something amazing: I felt stronger and fitter than before. Even though I was still sore and tired, I could

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