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    Indila is a French singer-songwriter who released her debut album Mini World in 2013. One of the most popular songs from the album is Dernière Danse, which means “Last Dance” in English. The song is about a woman who feels lonely and abandoned in the city, and who dances with the wind and the rain to forget her pain.

    The song was written by Indila and Skalpovich, and the music video was directed by Sylvain Bressollette. The video shows Indila walking through the streets of Paris, wearing a red dress and a red scarf, while being ignored by everyone. She also faces discrimination and harassment from some people, until she finally escapes to the rooftops and flies away.

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    Dernière Danse by Indila is a song that has received positive reviews from critics and listeners alike. The song has been praised for its catchy melody, emotional lyrics, and Indila’s expressive voice. The song has also been described as a fusion of French pop, cabaret, and electropop genres.

    The song has been a huge success in France and other countries, reaching the top of the charts and selling millions of copies. The song has also been nominated for several awards, such as the NRJ Music Awards and the Victoires de la Musique. The song has also been covered by many artists, such as Kendji Girac, Amira Willighagen, and Nicole Cherry.

    If you are a fan of Indila or French pop music, you should definitely check out Dernière Danse by Indila. You can listen to the song on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, or other streaming platforms. You can also download the mp3 file from our website Tmt for free and enjoy it offline.

    Dernière Danse by Indila is not only a catchy song, but also a meaningful one. The song tells the story of a young immigrant woman who faces racism and discrimination every day in Paris. She feels lonely and hopeless, and she dances as a way to cope with her pain and escape from reality.

    The song has a deeper message than it seems. It is a reflection of the social issues that many immigrants face in France and other countries. It is also a tribute to the diversity and richness of the French culture, as Indila herself is of Algerian, Cambodian, Egyptian, and Indian descent. She sings in French, but also incorporates words from other languages, such as Arabic and Hindi.

    The song also has a poetic and symbolic dimension. The red dress and scarf that Indila wears in the music video represent her passion and courage. The wind and the rain that she dances with symbolize her freedom and rebellion. The last dance that she performs is a metaphor for her final farewell to the world that rejected her.

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