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    If you are looking for a devotional song that praises Lord Krishna, you might want to check out Govind Mero Hai Mp3 song. This song is sung by Anil Hanslas, a popular bhajan singer who has also sung other songs like Guru Meri Pooja, Sat Guru Mein Teri Patang, and Hari Om Namo Narayana. Govind Mero Hai Mp3 song is part of the album Govind Mero Hai (2016), which has 11 songs in total. You can download Govind Mero Hai Mp3 song or listen to it online for free on various platforms like, Wynk Music, and JioSaavn. Here are some details about the song and the album:

    • The song Govind Mero Hai is 8:23 minutes long and has lyrics by Anil Hanslas himself.
    • The album Govind Mero Hai (2016) is composed by Apurba Kumar and has songs sung by other artists like Anuradha Paudwal, Suresh Wadekar, and Anup Jalota.
    • The album Govind Mero Hai (2016) is a Hindi devotional album that celebrates the love and devotion of Lord Krishna’s devotees.
    • The album Govind Mero Hai (2016) has songs like Aaja Mohan Aaja Mohan, Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki, Aisa Krishna Kanahiya Hai, Chalo Sakhi Chalte Hai Nand Baba Ke Dwar, and Mere Nandanandan.

    So, if you are a fan of Krishna bhajans, you should definitely download Govind Mero Hai Mp3 song or listen to it online for free. You can also listen to other songs from the album Govind Mero Hai (2016) and enjoy the blissful music.

    Okay, I will write a few more paragraphs for you. Here they are:

    Govind Mero Hai Mp3 song is not only a beautiful song but also a meaningful one. The song expresses the devotion and surrender of the singer to Lord Krishna, who is also known as Govind and Gopal. The singer calls Krishna his own and says that he has nothing else in this world except him. He also praises Krishna’s qualities and attributes, such as his beauty, his grace, his compassion, and his power. He says that Krishna is the source of all happiness and peace, and that he wants to be with him always.

    The song Govind Mero Hai Mp3 song is based on the traditional bhakti or devotional music of India, which has a long and rich history. Bhakti music is a form of music that expresses the love and devotion of the singers to their chosen deity or guru. Bhakti music can be sung in various languages, such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Bengali, and Gujarati. Bhakti music can also have different styles and genres, such as kirtan, bhajan, qawwali, abhang, and shabad. Bhakti music is often accompanied by musical instruments like harmonium, tabla, dholak, sitar, and flute.

    The song Govind Mero Hai Mp3 song is a great example of bhakti music that can touch the hearts and souls of the listeners. The song can inspire the listeners to develop a deeper connection with Lord Krishna and to experience his divine presence in their lives. The song can also help the listeners to relax and meditate on the name and form of Krishna. The song can also uplift the mood and spirit of the listeners and fill them with joy and bliss.

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