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    Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken: A Love Melody Duet by Hariharan and Chithra

    Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken is a Tamil song from the movie Manasthan, released in 2004. The song is sung by Hariharan and K.S. Chithra, two of the most popular singers in the Tamil film industry. The song is composed by S.A. Rajkumar, who is known for his melodious tunes. The lyrics are written by Nandalala, who expresses the feelings of love and longing between the two lovers.

    The song is a duet between Sarathkumar and Sakshi Sivanand, who play the lead roles in the movie. The movie is a family drama that revolves around the conflict between Sarathkumar and his father, played by Vijayakumar. Sakshi Sivanand plays the daughter of Sarathkumar’s uncle, who falls in love with him. The song is picturized in a scenic location, where the couple expresses their love for each other.

    Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken is one of the most popular songs from the movie, and has been praised for its soothing melody and romantic lyrics. The song has a duration of 4 minutes and 20 seconds, and is available in MP3 format for download. The song has been viewed more than 25 million times on YouTube, and has received many positive comments from the listeners.

    If you are looking for a song that will make you feel the emotions of love and romance, then Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken is the perfect choice for you. You can download the song from various websites or listen to it online. You can also set it as your ringtone or share it with your loved ones.

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    The song Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken is not only a hit among the Tamil audience, but also among the music lovers from other languages. The song has been translated into Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, and has been sung by different singers. The song has also been remixed by various DJs and music producers, who have given it a new twist and flavor.

    The song Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken is a testament to the talent and versatility of Hariharan and Chithra, who have sung hundreds of songs in different genres and languages. Hariharan is a recipient of the Padma Shri award, and has won several National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards for his singing. Chithra is also a recipient of the Padma Shri award, and has won six National Film Awards and eight Filmfare Awards for her singing. She is also known as the Nightingale of South India.

    The song Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken is a classic example of a love melody duet that will never go out of fashion. The song has a timeless appeal and charm that will touch your heart and soul. The song is a must-listen for anyone who loves music and romance.

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    In conclusion, Rasa Rasa Unna Vachirukken is a song that has captured the hearts of millions of music lovers across the world. The song is a beautiful expression of love and longing, sung by two of the most talented and acclaimed singers in the Indian music industry. The song is a masterpiece of melody and lyrics, composed by a renowned music director. The song is a highlight of the movie Manasthan, which is a family drama with a strong message. The song is a must-have in your playlist, and a must-watch on YouTube.

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