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    elite dangerous odyssey developer gareth hughes explains settlements in new qa

    Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Developer Gareth Hughes Explains Settlements in New Q&A

    Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is a highly anticipated expansion that will let players explore and fight on the surface of planets in first-person mode. One of the new features that will come with the expansion is the addition of settlements, which are human-made structures that can be found on various worlds. But what are settlements and how will they work in the game? Developer Gareth Hughes recently answered some of the most common questions from the fans on Steam. Here is a summary of what he said.

    What are settlements and why are they important?

    Settlements are places where humans live, work, and trade on different planets. They can vary in size, design, and function, depending on the faction that controls them and the environment they are in. Some settlements may be small outposts with a few buildings, while others may be large cities with skyscrapers and domes. Settlements are important because they provide players with opportunities to interact with NPCs, get missions, trade goods, upgrade their equipment, and influence the balance of power in the galaxy.

    How many types of settlements are there?

    According to Hughes, there are four main types of settlements in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey:

    • Military: These are fortified bases that house soldiers, weapons, and vehicles. They are usually guarded by turrets, drones, and patrols. They may also have prisons, barracks, and armories.
    • Industrial: These are factories and mines that produce and process various resources. They may have smokestacks, conveyor belts, cranes, and storage tanks. They may also have refineries, workshops, and labs.
    • Scientific: These are research centers and observatories that conduct experiments and studies on various fields. They may have telescopes, satellites, antennas, and sensors. They may also have libraries, archives, and classrooms.
    • Agricultural: These are farms and greenhouses that grow and harvest various crops. They may have fields, orchards, gardens, and irrigation systems. They may also have barns, silos, and markets.

    How can players interact with settlements?

    Players can interact with settlements in various ways, depending on their goals and preferences. Some of the possible interactions are:

    • Exploring: Players can explore settlements to discover their secrets, find loot, scan data points, and learn more about the lore and history of the game world.
    • Fighting: Players can fight against or alongside the NPCs that inhabit or attack settlements. They can use their weapons, tools, vehicles, and ships to engage in combat scenarios that range from stealthy infiltrations to massive firefights.
    • Missioning: Players can get missions from NPCs or terminals at settlements. These missions can involve tasks such as delivering goods, hacking systems, rescuing hostages, assassinating targets, or sabotaging facilities.
    • Trading: Players can trade goods or services with NPCs or terminals at settlements. They can buy or sell items such as weapons, suits, materials, data, or commodities.
    • Influencing: Players can influence the status and allegiance of settlements by completing missions or actions that affect their reputation with different factions. They can also participate in conflicts or elections that determine who controls a settlement.

    What are some of the most frequently asked questions about settlements?

    Hughes answered some of the most frequently asked questions about settlements on Steam. Here are some of his answers:

    If I go to an outpost and wipe everyone out, do they all respawn eventually?

    Hughes said that outposts will send for reinforcements that will become progressively tougher. However, these are not infinite. It would be possible to kill everyone and then loot the outpost. However, the consequences thereafter would be severe.

    How will we get missions from other factions in the station?

    Hughes said that there will also be mission boards on terminals available in ports and outposts that can support on-foot missions from all factions in the system. Mission givers in ports and outposts can also be from a variety of factions.

    Do NPCs spawn only at these new

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