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    How to Secure Your Data with Folder Protect 2.1.0

    Data security is a major concern for anyone who uses a computer, especially if you share your device with others or store sensitive information on it. You may want to prevent unauthorized access, modification, deletion or visibility of your files, folders, drives or programs. But how can you do that effectively and easily?

    One solution is to use Folder Protect 2.1.0, a powerful and user-friendly software that lets you password protect and set different access rights to your data. Folder Protect 2.1.0 is a new concept in data security that goes beyond normal file locking and encryption by letting you customize your security and choose between making files inaccessible, hidden, delete-proof or write-protected.

    What are the features of Folder Protect 2.1.0?

    Folder Protect 2.1.0 has many features that make it a reliable and versatile tool for data protection. Here are some of them:

    • It uses Windows Kernel-level protection for complete windows compatibility and unbreakable security. It even works in Safe Mode, ensuring complete security of protected folders.
    • It allows you to protect all popular extensions like *.avi, *.gif, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.mp3, *.wmv, *.mpeg, *.doc and many more with a single mouse click using the Masking Protection feature.
    • It lets you protect your files directly from the Windows Explorer without the need to start the program first using the Context Menu feature.
    • It offers an easy and uncomplicated way to select security type and make your files inaccessible, hidden, write-protected and delete-proof by choosing No Access, No Visible, No Write and No Delete respectively. You can also set a combination of these protection types according to your needs.
    • It can’t be uninstalled without a correct password and can work in complete stealth mode. You can also choose an idle time when the data gets protected automatically.
    • It is compatible with Windows 7/ Vista / 2003 / XP and offers much more than other data security programs.

    How to use Folder Protect 2.1.0?

    Using Folder Protect 2.1.0 is very simple and intuitive. Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Download Folder Protect 2.1.0 from or and install it on your computer.
    2. Set a master password that will be used every time you want to access Folder Protect 2.1.0.
    3. Add the files, folders, drives or programs that you want to protect by using the file browser or drag and drop functionality.
    4. Select the protection type for each item from the options available: No Access, No Visible, No Write or No Delete.
    5. Click on Protect Now button to apply the changes.
    6. To unprotect an item, select it from the list and click on Unprotect button.
    7. To change the settings of Folder Protect 2.1.0, click on Settings button and customize them according to your preferences.


    Folder Protect 2.1.0 is a comprehensive and effective solution for data security that allows you to protect your files, folders, drives or programs from unauthorized access, modification, deletion or visibility. It is easy to use, compatible with Windows operating systems and offers many features that make it stand out from other data security programs.

    If you want to secure your data with Folder Protect 2.1.0, you can download it from or

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