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    fortnite has just ripped off among us

    Fortnite has just ripped off Among Us

    Fortnite and Among Us are two of the most popular games in the world right now, but they have very different origins and styles. Fortnite is a battle royale game that was released in 2017 by Epic Games, a giant in the gaming industry. Among Us is a social deduction game that was released in 2018 by Innersloth, a small indie studio. Both games have millions of fans and players, but they cater to different audiences and preferences.

    However, in August 2021, Epic Games announced a new game mode for Fortnite called Fortnite Impostors, which is clearly inspired by Among Us. In this mode, up to ten players are divided into two teams: eight Agents who have to maintain a secret facility called The Bridge, and two Impostors who have to sabotage and eliminate the Agents. The Agents have to work together to complete tasks and vote out the Impostors, while the Impostors have to deceive and kill the Agents without being caught.

    This new mode has sparked a lot of controversy and criticism from the gaming community, especially from Among Us fans and developers. Many people have accused Epic Games of ripping off Among Us, copying its gameplay mechanics, map design, visual style, and even terminology. Others have defended Epic Games, saying that they have added their own twist to the mode, or that they are simply paying homage to a popular game.

    So, is Fortnite Impostors really a rip-off of Among Us? Or is it just a harmless tribute or a creative variation? In this article, we will compare and contrast the two games, look at the reactions from both sides, and give our own opinion on this heated debate.

    Similarities between Fortnite Impostors and Among Us

    The most obvious similarity between Fortnite Impostors and Among Us is the gameplay mechanics and objectives. Both games are based on the classic party game Mafia, where a group of players have to find out who among them are the traitors. Both games have two teams: one that has to complete tasks and identify the traitors, and one that has to sabotage and kill the others. Both games have voting sessions where players can discuss and accuse each other. Both games have different roles for each team: Agents/Crewmates who are innocent, and Impostors who are guilty.

    Another similarity is the map design and layout. Both games have one main map where the action takes place: The Bridge in Fortnite Impostors, and The Skeld in Among Us. Both maps have similar rooms, such as an engine room, a cafeteria, a security room, a reactor room, etc. Both maps have vents that allow the Impostors to move around quickly and stealthily. Both maps have cameras that allow the Agents/Crewmates to monitor some areas.

    A third similarity is the visual style and graphics. Both games have a cartoonish and colorful aesthetic that contrasts with the dark and tense atmosphere of the gameplay. Both games have simple and cute character models that can be customized with different outfits, hats, skins, pets, etc. Both games have similar animations for killing, sabotaging, voting, etc.

    Differences between Fortnite Imp ostors and Among Us

    Despite the many similarities, there are also some notable differences between Fortnite Impostors and Among Us. One of them is the platforms and accessibility. Fortnite Impostors is only available as a game mode within Fortnite, which means that players need to download and install the game on their devices. Fortnite is available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices, but it requires a lot of storage space and internet connection. Among Us, on the other hand, is a standalone game that can be played on PC, mobile devices, and Nintendo Switch. It is also much smaller in size and can be played offline.

    Another difference is the customization and communication options. Fortnite Impostors has more options for customizing the game settings, such as the number of Impostors, the task difficulty, the voting time, etc. It also has more options for customizing the character appearance, such as different skins, emotes, back blings, etc. However, Fortnite Impostors has less options for communication, as it only allows voice chat for players who are in a party together, and text chat for everyone during voting sessions. Among Us has fewer options for customizing the game settings and the character appearance, but it has more options for communication, as it allows voice chat and text chat for everyone at any time.

    A third difference is the updates and collaborations. Fortnite Impostors is a relatively new mode that was launched in August 2021, and it is not clear how often it will be updated or changed by Epic Games. Fortnite is known for its frequent updates and collaborations with other franchises, such as Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics, etc., but it is not clear if Fortnite Impostors will benefit from them or not. Among Us is an older game that was launched in 2018, but it has been updated and improved by Innersloth over time. Among Us has also collaborated with other games and creators, such as Fall Guys, Henry Stickmin, PewDiePie, etc.

    Reactions from the gaming community and developers

    The launch of Fortnite Impostors has generated a lot of reactions from the gaming community and developers. Many Among Us fans and players have expressed their disappointment and anger at Epic Games for copying Among Us without giving any credit or acknowledgment to Innersloth. They have accused Epic Games of being greedy and unoriginal, and of exploiting the popularity of Among Us for their own benefit. They have also pointed out the irony of Epic Games suing Apple for allegedly copying their app store model, while doing the same thing to Among Us.

    Some Fortnite fans and players have also criticized Fortnite Impostors for being a rip-off of Among Us, saying that it is boring and uninspired, and that it does not fit with the theme or style of Fortnite. They have argued that Epic Games should focus on improving the original battle royale mode instead of adding unnecessary modes that nobody asked for. They have also compared Fortnite Impostors unfavorably to other game modes that were inspired by Among Us but had more originality and creativity, such as Roblox Impostor or Minecraft Murder Mystery.

    However, not all Fortnite fans and players have a negative opinion of Fortnite Impostors. Some of them have praised Fortnite Impostors for being a fun and enjoyable mode that adds more variety and diversity to Fortnite. They have argued that Epic Games did not rip off Among Us, but rather adapted it to their own game with their own features and innovations. They have also pointed out that Among Us was not the first game to use the Mafia concept, and that there are many other games that are similar to Among Us but are not accused of ripping it off.

    The developers of Among Us have also reacted to Fortnite Impostors in different ways. Some of them have expressed their frustration and sadness at seeing their game being copied by a bigger company without any recognition or collaboration. They have tweeted sarcastic comments about how they would love to work with Epic Games someday, or how they should make a battle royale mode for Among Us. They have also shared fan-made images that show how Fortnite copied various aspects of Among Us.

    Other developers of Among Us have been more diplomatic and positive about Fortnite Impostors. They have said that they are flattered and honored by Epic Games’ homage to their game, and that they are happy to see more people enjoying the social deduction genre. They have also said that they are not interested in suing or fighting with Epic Games, but rather in working together with them to create better games for everyone.

    The developers of Fortnite have not made any official statement about Fortnite Impostors or its relation to Among Us. However, some of them have defended their mode in interviews or social media posts. They have said that they are fans of Among Us and that they wanted to create a mode that would appeal to both Fortnite and Among Us players. They have also said that they have added their own elements and features to the mode, such as the emotes, the disguises, the assignments, etc. They have also said that they respect and admire Innersloth and their work, and that they hope to collaborate with them in the future.


    In conclusion, Fortnite Impostors is a new game mode for Fortnite that is heavily inspired by Among Us, a popular social deduction game. The two games have many similarities in terms of gameplay mechanics, map design, and visual style, but they also have some differences in terms of platforms, customization, and updates. The launch of Fortnite Impostors has caused a lot of controversy and criticism from the gaming community and developers, especially from Among Us fans and developers. Some people have accused Epic Games of ripping off Among Us, while others have defended Epic Games for paying tribute or adding variation to Among Us.

    In our opinion, Fortnite Impostors is not a complete rip-off of Among Us, but it is not a very original or creative mode either. We think that Epic Games could have done more to differentiate their mode from Among Us, or to acknowledge and credit Innersloth for their inspiration. We also think that Innersloth could have been more open and cooperative with Epic Games, instead of being sarcastic or bitter about their mode. We believe that both games have their own merits and flaws, and that both games can coexist and complement each other in the gaming market.

    Some suggestions for improvement or alternatives are: – Epic Games could add more maps, modes, and features to Fortnite Impostors that are unique to Fortnite, such as different weapons, vehicles, items, etc. – Epic Games could collaborate with Innersloth to create a crossover event or a special edition of Fortnite Impostors that features Among Us characters, skins, tasks, etc. – Innersloth could update and expand Among Us with more content, such as new maps, modes, roles, tasks, etc. – Innersloth could port Among Us to other platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox, etc. – Both Epic Games and Innersloth could support and promote other indie games or game modes that are similar to or inspired by Among Us, such as Roblox Impostor, Minecraft Murder Mystery, Town of Salem, etc.


    Here are some frequently asked questions about Fortnite Impostors and Among Us:

    Question Answer
    What is the difference between an Agent and an Impostor in Fortnite Impostors? An Agent is a member of the team that has to maintain The Bridge by completing assignments and voting out the Impostors. An Impostor is a member of the team that has to sabotage The Bridge by destroying objects and eliminating the Agents.
    How many players can play Fortnite Impostors at once? Fortnite Impostors can be played by up to 10 players at once: 8 Agents and 2 Impostors. Players can join a public match with random players or a private match with friends.
    How can I play Among Us on PC? Among Us can be played on PC by downloading it from Steam or It costs $4.99 on Steam and $5 on Alternatively, you can play it for free on your browser by visiting
    When did Among Us become popular? Among Us became popular in mid-2020, when several streamers and YouTubers started playing it online with their friends or fans. It also gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it provided a way for people to socialize and have fun online.
    Is there a sequel for Among Us? No, there is no sequel for Among Us. Innersloth originally planned to make a sequel called Among Us 2, but they canceled it in September 2020. Instead, they decided to focus on improving and updating the original game with new content and features.
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