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    Free Download Shum bola o’zbek film 1977 UydaQoling Mp3 29:33 Min – MP3 Juice

    Free Download Shum bola o’zbek film     1977 UydaQoling Mp3 29:33 Min – MP3 Juice

    Shum bola: A Classic Uzbek Adventure Film

    Shum bola is a 1977 Uzbek film based on the novel of the same name by Gafur Gulom. The film was directed by Damir Salimov and written by Shuhrat Abbosov and Aleksandr Naumov. It is one of the most beloved films among Uzbek cinema lovers and has received praise from both domestic and foreign critics.

    The film tells the story of Shum bola (real name Qoravoy), a ten-year-old boy who is restless and curious. He gets into various troubles and adventures with his friends Omon, Sulton and Sariboy. He also has to deal with his strict teacher Xoji-bobo, his protective mother and his mysterious guardian.

    The film is a charming and humorous portrayal of the life and culture of rural Uzbekistan in the 1930s. It also explores themes such as friendship, loyalty, courage and justice. The film features Abduraim Abduvahobov as Shum bola, who delivers a memorable performance as the mischievous protagonist.

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    Some interesting facts about Shum bola are:

    • The film was shot in the village of QoÊ»shqoÊ»rgÊ»on in the Andijan region of Uzbekistan.
    • The film was based on a real person named Qoravoy, who was a childhood friend of Gafur Gulom. He later became a famous poet and journalist.
    • The film was remade in 2007 by Shukhrat Abbasov, the son of the original co-writer. The remake featured new actors and updated the setting to the 1970s.

    If you liked Shum bola, you might also enjoy other Uzbek films such as:

    • Yor-yor (1971), a musical comedy about a young man who pretends to be a famous singer to impress a girl.
    • Qora koÊ»z (1989), a historical drama about the life and love of the legendary poetess Nodira.
    • Qishloq qahramoni (2012), an action comedy about a rural policeman who fights against corruption and injustice.

    You can find these films and more on RizaNova, a popular Uzbek streaming service. You can download the app from or follow them on Instagram and Telegram.

    Uzbek cinema has a long and rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. The first Uzbek film was made in 1916 by a Russian filmmaker named Vladimir Petrov. It was called The Daughter of the Emir and it depicted the struggle of the Uzbek people against the Russian colonial rule.

    During the Soviet era, Uzbek cinema flourished under the guidance of talented directors such as Shukhrat Abbasov, Ali Khamraev, Melis Abzalov and others. They created films that reflected the social and cultural realities of Uzbekistan, as well as its historical and literary heritage. Some of their films were recognized and awarded at international festivals.

    After the independence of Uzbekistan in 1991, Uzbek cinema faced many challenges and changes. The film industry had to adapt to the new market conditions and audience demands. Some filmmakers continued to make films in the traditional style, while others experimented with new genres and forms. Some of the notable contemporary Uzbek filmmakers are Zulfikar Musakov, Yolqin Toʻychiyev, Bakhtiyor Khudoynazarov and others.

    Uzbek cinema is a diverse and dynamic art form that offers a unique perspective on the life and culture of Uzbekistan. It is a source of pride and inspiration for many Uzbek people. It is also a way of communicating with the world and sharing the stories and values of Uzbekistan.

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