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    Full 20 Album Sholawat

    Full 20 Album Sholawat: A Collection of Beautiful Islamic Songs

    Full 20 Album Sholawat: A Collection of Beautiful Islamic Songs

    Sholawat is a term that refers to the praises and salutations that Muslims send to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his family. Sholawat is also a genre of Islamic music that expresses love, devotion and gratitude to the Prophet and Allah. Sholawat songs are often sung in Arabic, but they can also incorporate other languages such as Indonesian, Malay, Urdu, Turkish and more.

    Full 20 Album Sholawat is a compilation of 20 albums of sholawat songs by various artists from different countries and backgrounds. The albums include:

    • Sholawat Nabi by Habib Syech bin Abdul Qodir Assegaf, a popular Indonesian singer and preacher who is known for his charismatic voice and style.
    • Sholawat Badar by Nissa Sabyan, a young female vocalist who rose to fame with her viral covers of sholawat songs on YouTube.
    • Sholawat Merdu by Maher Zain, a Swedish-Lebanese singer and songwriter who blends contemporary R&B, pop and rock with Islamic themes and messages.
    • Sholawat Terbaru by Gus Azmi, a member of the Indonesian group Syubbanul Muslimin who has a distinctive voice and charisma.
    • Sholawat Cinta by Rijal Vertizone, a Malaysian singer and composer who specializes in sholawat songs with romantic lyrics and melodies.
    • Sholawat Penyejuk Hati by Veve Zulfikar, a talented teenage girl who has a powerful and angelic voice.
    • Sholawat Jawa by Wafiq Azizah, a veteran Indonesian singer who is famous for her sholawat songs in Javanese language and culture.
    • Sholawat Turki by Mustafa Ozcan Gunesdogdu, a Turkish singer and producer who creates sholawat songs with Turkish instruments and influences.
    • Sholawat India by Hafiz Ahmed Raza Qadri, a Pakistani singer and naat khawan who sings sholawat songs with Indian music and style.
    • Sholawat Arab by Mohamed Tarek, an Egyptian singer and reciter who has a beautiful voice and recitation of the Quran and sholawat.
    • Sholawat Sunda by Ustadz Jefri Al Buchori, a late Indonesian preacher and singer who was loved for his sholawat songs in Sundanese language and culture.
    • Sholawat Inggris by Sami Yusuf, a British singer and songwriter who is one of the pioneers of Islamic music in the West.
    • Sholawat Melayu by Raihan, a Malaysian nasyid group that is famous for their sholawat songs with Malay music and lyrics.
    • Sholawat Gambus by Al-Munsyidin, an Indonesian group that performs sholawat songs with gambus, a traditional string instrument from the Middle East.
    • Sholawat Anak by Aishwa Nahla Karnadi, a cute and talented child singer who sings sholawat songs with her father.
    • Sholawat Dangdut by Sulis Cinta Rasul, an Indonesian dangdut singer who is known for her sholawat songs with dangdut music and dance.
    • Sholawat Reggae by Sabyan Gambus, an Indonesian reggae band that performs sholawat songs with reggae music and style.
    • Sholawat Rock by Debu, an American-Indonesian rock band that plays sholawat songs with rock music and instruments.
    • Sholawat Metal by Voice of B

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