GameGuardian 100.0: A Powerful Game Hacking Tool for Android

    GameGuardian 100.0: A Powerful Game Hacking Tool for Android

    If you are looking for a way to modify your games on Android devices, you might want to check out GameGuardian 100.0, a game cheat / hack / alteration tool that allows you to change money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design.

    GameGuardian 100.0 is the latest version of the app that was released on September 29, 2020. It has many features and improvements that make it one of the best game hacking tools for Android. Here are some of the highlights of GameGuardian 100.0:

    • It runs on ARM, x64 and x86 devices, including x86 emulators like LDPlayer, Droid4X, MOMO, KOPlayer, Andy, Memu, Leapdroid, AMIDuOS, Windroye, RemixOS, PhoenixOS, AVD, Genymotion, Nox, BlueStacks and more .
    • It supports Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread) through Lollipop (5+), Marshmallow (6+), Nougat (7+), Oreo (8+), Pie (9+), 10+ .
    • It can work without root via different virtual spaces like Parallel Space, VirtualXposed, Parallel Space Lite, GO multiple, 2Face and many others . However, some features may not work as well as on rooted devices.
    • It can search and edit encrypted values, unknown values, addresses by mask, double, float, Qword, Dword, XOR, Word, Byte, or Auto data-type searches .
    • It can use Lua scripting to perform complex and advanced modifications .
    • It can modify all search results at once, filter them by address or value range, dump memory, copy memory and more .
    • It can decelerate and accelerate games (speedhack) for ARM and x86 devices .
    • It can search and edit ARM (x64) opcodes .
    • It has a customizable UI and supports over 50 languages .

    If you want to download GameGuardian 100.0 APK for free and learn how to use it effectively on your Android devices, you can visit the official website of GameGuardian at There you will find the download link, video tutorials, guides and more information about this amazing app.

    GameGuardian 100.0 is a powerful game hacking tool for Android that can help you play games your way. Whether you want to cheat, mod or tweak your games, GameGuardian 100.0 can do it for you. However, you should use it responsibly and not abuse it to ruin the game experience for others.

    How to use GameGuardian 100.0 on Android devices?

    Using GameGuardian 100.0 on Android devices is not difficult, but you need to follow some steps carefully to make it work properly. Here are the basic steps to use GameGuardian 100.0 on Android devices:

    1. Download and install GameGuardian 100.0 APK from the official website or any trusted source.
    2. If your device is rooted, you can run GameGuardian 100.0 directly and grant it root permission. If your device is not rooted, you need to install a virtual space app and clone GameGuardian 100.0 and the game you want to hack into it.
    3. Run GameGuardian 100.0 and select the game process you want to modify. You can also use the floating icon to switch between games.
    4. Use the search function to find the values you want to change. You can use different types of searches, such as exact value, fuzzy value, encrypted value, etc.
    5. Edit the values as you wish and apply the changes. You can also use the speedhack function to change the game speed.
    6. Enjoy your modified game and have fun!

    Some tips and tricks for using GameGuardian 100.0 on Android devices

    While using GameGuardian 100.0 on Android devices is relatively easy, there are some tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of it. Here are some of them:

    • Always backup your game data before using GameGuardian 100.0, in case something goes wrong or you want to restore the original state of the game.
    • Use the group search function to find multiple values at once and save time.
    • Use the offset calculator function to find related values easily.
    • Use the Lua scripting function to automate your modifications and create your own scripts.
    • Use the hide function to prevent detection by anti-cheat systems or other players.
    • Use the freeze function to lock the values you want to keep constant.
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