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    Germanische Heilkunde: A Controversial Alternative Medicine System

    Germanische Heilkunde: A Controversial Alternative Medicine System

    Germanische Heilkunde: A Controversial Alternative Medicine System

    Germanische Heilkunde, also known as Germanic New Medicine or German New Medicine, is a system of alternative medicine developed by Ryke Geerd Hamer, a former German physician. Hamer claimed that he discovered five biological laws that explain the cause and cure of all diseases, based on his personal experience of developing testicular cancer after the death of his son.

    According to Hamer, every disease is triggered by a sudden and unexpected conflict shock that affects the brain and the corresponding organ. The disease progresses through two phases: a conflict-active phase, in which the body tries to cope with the conflict by creating symptoms such as cell proliferation or cell loss, and a healing phase, in which the body repairs the damage caused by the conflict with the help of microbes. Hamer also claimed that conventional medicine interferes with this natural healing process and that chemotherapy and radiation are unnecessary and harmful.

    Hamer developed a diagnostic table that supposedly shows the relationship between different types of conflicts, brain areas, organs, tissues, microbes, and symptoms. He also claimed that his system is based on embryology, genetics, physics, and theology. He published his findings in several books and pamphlets, some of which are available online as PDF files.

    However, Hamer’s system has been widely rejected by the scientific and medical community as pseudoscientific, unproven, dangerous, and potentially lethal. There is no evidence to support his claims and many cases of patients who died or suffered serious harm after following his advice have been reported. Hamer has also been accused of antisemitism, conspiracy theories, and fraud. He has been convicted in several countries for practicing medicine without a license and endangering public health.

    Despite the criticism and legal actions against him, Hamer has continued to promote his system and has gained followers in various countries, especially in Europe. Some of them have created websites, blogs, forums, videos, and podcasts to spread his teachings and testimonials. They also offer courses, seminars, consultations, and treatments based on his system. Some of them have also created PDF files of his diagnostic table and other materials for download.

    However, anyone who is interested in Germanische Heilkunde should be aware of the risks and dangers involved in following this system. It is not a valid or reliable source of medical information or guidance. It is not supported by any scientific evidence or clinical trials. It contradicts basic principles of biology, medicine, and psychology. It can lead to delayed or missed diagnosis, ineffective or harmful treatments, worsening of symptoms, complications, infections, disabilities, or death.

    Therefore, anyone who is suffering from any disease or health problem should consult a qualified and licensed medical professional and follow their advice. Anyone who is considering downloading or using any PDF file related to Germanische Heilkunde should be cautious and critical of its content and source. Anyone who is concerned about someone who is following this system should try to persuade them to seek proper medical help.


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