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    Gupt: The Hidden Truth – A Thrilling Movie Review

    Gupt: The Hidden Truth - A Thrilling Movie Review

    Gupt: The Hidden Truth is a 1997 Hindi-language thriller movie directed by Rajiv Rai and starring Bobby Deol, Manisha Koirala and Kajol in the lead roles. The movie revolves around the murder of a prominent politician and the quest of his estranged son to prove his innocence. The movie also features a stellar cast of supporting actors, such as Om Puri, Paresh Rawal, Raj Babbar and Kulbhushan Kharbanda.

    The movie begins with a heated argument between Governor Jaisingh Sinha (Raj Babbar) and his stepson Sahil Sinha (Bobby Deol) over Sahil’s love for Isha Diwan (Kajol), the daughter of Sinha’s secretary Ishwar Diwan (Paresh Rawal). Sinha wants Sahil to marry Sheetal Choudhry (Manisha Koirala), the daughter of a wealthy industrialist Meghnad Choudhry (Dalip Tahil). Sahil refuses to comply and tries to stab Sinha but is stopped by his mother Sharda (Priya Tendulkar). The next day, Sahil returns home drunk and finds Sinha stabbed to death. Before Sinha can reveal the name of the killer, he dies in Sahil’s arms. Sharda arrives and assumes Sahil to be the murderer. Sahil is arrested and convicted by the court based on circumstantial evidence and testimonies of various witnesses. He is sentenced to 14 years in prison.

    Sahil escapes from prison with the help of Sheetal, who still loves him and believes in his innocence. He also receives a necklace from Sheetal, which he believes belongs to the real killer. Sahil goes on a mission to find the truth behind his father’s murder and clear his name. He is pursued by Inspector Udham Singh (Om Puri), a tough cop who is determined to catch him. Along the way, Sahil encounters various suspects, such as Mantriji (Prem Chopra), a corrupt minister who had a grudge against Sinha; Vilas Rao (Sharat Saxena), a union leader who was threatened by Sinha; Dr. Gandhi (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), Sinha’s family doctor who had a secret affair with Sharda; and Isha, who had a mysterious past. Sahil also discovers that Sinha was involved in a scandal involving foreign direct investment and that someone was trying to blackmail him.

    The movie reaches a climax when Sahil confronts the killer in an abandoned factory. The killer turns out to be none other than Isha, who reveals that she was Sinha’s illegitimate daughter from an affair he had with her mother. She also reveals that she had planned to kill Sinha for abandoning her mother and ruining her life. She had manipulated Sahil into falling in love with her and used him as a pawn in her scheme. She also confesses that she killed Dr. Gandhi, who knew her identity, and Mantriji, who tried to expose her. She then tries to kill Sahil but is shot by Udham Singh, who arrives at the scene with Sheetal. Isha dies in Sahil’s arms, asking for his forgiveness. Sahil is exonerated of all charges and reunites with Sheetal.

    Gupt: The Hidden Truth is a gripping movie that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns. The movie has a brilliant soundtrack composed by Viju Shah, with songs like “Mushkil Bada Yeh Pyaar Hai”, “Duniya Haseeno Ka Mela” and “Mere Khwabon Mein Tu”. The movie also has some impressive action sequences and cinematography by Ashok Mehta. The movie was a huge hit at the box office and won several awards, including Filmfare Award for Best Villain for Kajol’s performance.

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