Haruka Yanase: A Japanese Mixed Media Artist

    Haruka Yanase: A Japanese Mixed Media Artist

    Haruka Yanase is a contemporary painter and collage artist from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. She creates artworks that aim to make the world a better place with her motto “good picture, good world”.

    Yanase uses acrylic paints, paper, fabric, and other materials to create colorful and expressive compositions that reflect her vision of the world. She is inspired by nature, animals, and human emotions. Some of her artworks feature abstract shapes and patterns, while others depict realistic scenes and characters.

    Yanase has exhibited her artworks in various venues, such as Artmajeur, Instagram, and Society6. She also sells prints of her artworks online. She is a member of the Japanese artist collective Hoodoo, which aims to promote art and culture in Japan and abroad.

    Yanase is a talented and original artist who expresses her creativity and passion through her mixed media artworks. She invites viewers to explore her colorful and imaginative world through her paintings and collages.

    One of Yanase’s most popular artworks is “Floating”, an acrylic painting on canvas that depicts a woman floating in the water with her eyes closed. The painting has a serene and dreamy atmosphere, with soft colors and gentle brushstrokes. The woman’s face and body are partially submerged in the water, creating a sense of mystery and tranquility. The painting evokes a feeling of relaxation and harmony with nature.

    Another notable artwork by Yanase is “Beach cleaning”, a collage on canvas that shows a group of people cleaning up the beach. The collage is made of paper cutouts, fabric scraps, and other materials that resemble trash and debris. The collage has a contrast between the bright and cheerful colors of the people and the dull and dirty colors of the trash. The collage conveys a message of environmental awareness and social responsibility.

    Yanase’s latest artwork is “albedo”, an acrylic painting on canvas that features a geometric pattern of white and black shapes. The painting is inspired by the concept of albedo, which is the measure of how much light is reflected by a surface. The painting plays with the perception of light and shadow, creating a dynamic and optical illusion. The painting challenges the viewer to look beyond the surface and discover the hidden meanings behind the shapes.

    Yanase’s artworks are not only visually appealing, but also meaningful and inspiring. She uses her art as a way of communicating her thoughts and feelings, as well as expressing her social and environmental concerns. She hopes that her artworks can touch the hearts and minds of the viewers, and make them think about the world and themselves in a different way.

    Yanase is also a passionate and dedicated artist who constantly seeks to improve her skills and explore new possibilities. She experiments with different media, techniques, and styles, and tries to challenge herself with every new project. She is always open to learning from other artists and cultures, and to collaborating with other creative people. She believes that art is a universal language that can connect people across borders and backgrounds.

    Yanase is a rising star in the Japanese art scene, and a promising artist in the global art community. She has a unique and original voice that deserves to be heard and appreciated. She is an artist who creates not only for herself, but also for the world.

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