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    High School DxD Specials

    High School DxD Specials: A Series of Ecchi and Hilarious Shorts

    High School DxD Specials: A Series of Ecchi and Hilarious Shorts

    High School DxD Specials are a series of six DVD specials that were bundled with the High School DxD Blu-ray discs. Each special is about 3-5 minutes long and features the characters of the popular ecchi and fantasy anime series in various comedic and fanservice-filled situations. They are not part of the main storyline and can be enjoyed as standalone episodes.

    The specials are as follows:

    • Special 1: Going Sunbathing! – The Occult Research Club goes on a beach outing where they enjoy swimming, playing volleyball, and showing off their swimsuits.
    • Special 2: Issei’s Private Training! – Issei is being given lessons in magic by Akeno, who uses her seductive charms to motivate him.
    • Special 3: A Little Bold, Koneko-Chan… Nyan! – Koneko accidentally drinks a personality-changing tea that makes her incredibly sexually active and reverses her sexual preference.
    • Special 4: The Untold Story of The Dress Break’s Birth! – A flashback of how Issei first discovered and perfected his signature move, Dress Break, which allows him to strip any girl’s clothes with a touch.
    • Special 5: Making Udon! – As part of a penalty for losing a bet, Sona and Tsubaki make udon for the Occult Research Club, but the udon comes to life in a peculiar way…
    • Special 6: Asia Transforms! – Asia wants to prove she is just as bad as any demon by using ideas found in Issei’s magazines, going as far as dressing up like a harlot and seducing him.

    If you are a fan of High School DxD and want to see more of the hilarious and ecchi antics of Issei and his harem, you should definitely check out these specials. They are sure to make you laugh and blush at the same time.

    High School DxD Specials are a great way to enjoy more of the humor and fanservice that made the original series so popular. The specials are full of hilarious moments, such as Issei’s fantasies, Koneko’s transformation, and Asia’s attempts to be naughty. The specials also showcase the beautiful character designs and animation of the series, with plenty of eye candy for the viewers.

    The specials have received positive reviews from fans and critics alike, who praised them for being entertaining and faithful to the spirit of the series. Some reviewers even considered them to be better than the main series, as they focused more on the comedy and ecchi aspects without being bogged down by the plot or drama. The specials are also a good way to introduce new viewers to the series, as they do not require any prior knowledge of the story or characters.

    If you are looking for a short and fun anime series that will make you laugh and blush at the same time, you should definitely watch High School DxD Specials. They are a must-watch for any fan of High School DxD, and a good choice for anyone who likes ecchi and comedy anime.

    In conclusion, High School DxD Specials are a series of six DVD specials that offer more of the ecchi and comedy that fans love about the original series. The specials feature the characters of High School DxD in various hilarious and fanservice-filled situations that are sure to make you laugh and blush. The specials are well-made, well-received, and well-worth watching for any fan of High School DxD or ecchi and comedy anime in general.

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