Hitcher in the Dark: A Twisted Thriller by Umberto Lenzi

    Hitcher in the Dark: A Twisted Thriller by Umberto Lenzi

    Hitcher in the Dark is a 1989 psychological thriller directed by Italian director Umberto Lenzi, who is known for his giallo and cannibal films. The film follows Mark Glazer, a mentally disturbed young man who has a sexual obsession for his dead mother. He drives around in his father’s RV in order to pick up female hitchhikers to kidnap, torture, rape, and murder so he can fulfill his fantasies. One of the women he picks up is Daniela, who strongly resembles his mother, and she is about to take her life’s ride.

    The film is influenced by The Collector, a 1963 novel by John Fowles and a 1965 film adaptation by William Wyler, which also features a man who kidnaps a woman and keeps her in his basement. Lenzi claimed that he was disappointed with the film’s ending, which had to be changed to give it a more “happier” tone. The original ending was more bleak and ambiguous, leaving the fate of Daniela uncertain.

    Hitcher in the Dark is a typical example of Filmirage’s output in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a low-budget production company that specialized in horror and erotic films. The film features graphic violence and nudity, as well as some cheesy dialogue and acting. The film was shot in Virginia Beach, USA, but most of the cast are Italian or American actors dubbed with Italian accents.

    Hitcher in the Dark is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended, but it is a cult classic for fans of Italian horror and exploitation cinema. The film has been released on DVD and Blu-ray by various labels, including Vinegar Syndrome in 2021. If you are looking for a twisted and suspenseful thriller with a touch of sleaze, Hitcher in the Dark might be the film for you.

    The film’s main attraction is the performance of Joe Balogh as Mark Glazer, the psychotic hitcher. Balogh portrays Mark as a complex and conflicted character, who is both sympathetic and repulsive. He is a lonely and insecure man, who suffers from hallucinations and flashbacks of his abusive mother. He is also a cold-blooded killer, who enjoys torturing and raping his victims. He has a twisted sense of humor and a childish demeanor, which contrast with his brutal actions.

    Josie Bissett, who later became famous for her role in Melrose Place, plays Daniela, the hitchhiker who becomes Mark’s captive. Bissett gives a convincing performance as a strong and resourceful woman, who tries to escape from Mark’s clutches. She also shows some compassion for Mark, trying to understand his motives and help him overcome his trauma. She is the only person who can challenge Mark’s delusions and make him face reality.

    The film also features some supporting characters, such as Kevin, Daniela’s boyfriend, who tries to find her and rescue her from Mark. He is played by Jason Saucier, who also appeared in another Filmirage production, Nightmare Beach. Robin Fox plays Mark’s father, who is unaware of his son’s activities and tries to bond with him. He is a wealthy and successful businessman, who provides Mark with money and the RV. He also has a secret of his own, which is revealed in the film’s climax.

    Hitcher in the Dark is a film that explores the themes of obsession, madness, and violence. It is a film that shocks and disturbs the viewer with its graphic scenes and twisted plot. It is also a film that offers some insight into the mind of a serial killer and his victim. It is a film that will leave you breathless and uneasy.

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