HomElec: An Android App for Learning Electrical Circuits in the House

    HomElec: An Android App for Learning Electrical Circuits in the House

    Have you ever wondered how to connect a simple ignition or a back and forth switch? Do you want to learn more about the main electrical circuits of the house, such as single ignition, double ignition, remote control, timer, roller shutter, etc.? If so, you might be interested in HomElec, an Android app that teaches you the basics of domestic electrical circuits.

    HomElec is an educational app developed by CARPUAT Steed, a French teacher of electrical engineering. The app contains animated diagrams with a view of the interactive equipment and for some the associated chronogram, a list information. You can also test and practice your skills by connecting different electrical equipment. The app also provides additional information on circuit breaker technology, interpretations of standard NF C 15-100 (calibres, sections, bathroom).

    HomElec is available on Google Play for $0.99. It has more than 100 downloads and positive reviews from users. The app is suitable for everyone who wants to learn more about electrical circuits in the house. You can find more information about HomElec and other domestic electrical circuits on the website electrotoile.eu: https://electrotoile.eu/habitat.php

    HomElec is a useful and fun app that can help you understand and master the electrical circuits in your home. Download it today and start learning!

    One of the features of HomElec that makes it stand out from other educational apps is the animation. The app shows you how the electrical equipment works in real time, with different colors and symbols to indicate the current flow, the voltage, the resistance, and the power. You can also interact with the equipment by tapping on the screen, and see how the circuit changes accordingly. This way, you can learn by doing and visualizing, rather than just reading or memorizing.

    Another feature of HomElec that makes it valuable for learning is the test and practice activities. The app challenges you to connect different electrical equipment in various scenarios, such as a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, or a garage. You have to use your knowledge and logic to figure out how to wire the circuit correctly and safely. The app gives you feedback on your performance and shows you the correct solution if you make a mistake. You can also compare your results with other users and see how you rank among them.

    HomElec is not only an app for learning, but also an app for reference. The app contains a lot of information on the electrical standards and regulations that apply to the house, such as the NF C 15-100. You can learn about the different calibres, sections, and protection devices that are required for each circuit. You can also learn about the special rules that apply to the bathroom, which is considered a high-risk area for electrical accidents. The app helps you to comply with the safety norms and avoid any potential hazards.

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