How to Buy a BBQ: A Guide for Beginners

    How to Buy a BBQ: A Guide for Beginners

    If you love grilling and outdoor cooking, you might be thinking of buying a bbq. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best one for your needs? In this article, we will guide you through the main factors to consider when buying a bbq, such as size, fuel type, features, and budget.


    The first thing to think about is how big of a bbq you need. This depends on how much food you want to cook at once, and how much space you have in your backyard or patio. You should also consider how often you plan to use your bbq, and how many people you usually cook for.

    A small bbq can be enough for a couple or a small family, and it can fit in a tight space. However, it might not have enough cooking area or power to handle large cuts of meat or a lot of food at once. A large bbq can offer more cooking space and versatility, but it will also take up more room and cost more.

    A good way to measure the size of a bbq is by its primary cooking area, which is the main grate where you place the food. This is usually measured in square inches or centimeters. You can also look at the secondary cooking area, which is the warming rack or side burner where you can keep food warm or cook sauces.

    As a general rule of thumb, you can use this table to estimate how much cooking area you need based on the number of people you cook for:

    Number of people Cooking area (square inches) Cooking area (square centimeters)
    2-4 200-300 1290-1940
    4-6 300-400 1940-2580
    6-8 400-500 2580-3230
    8-10 500-600 3230-3870
    10+ 600+ 3870+

    Fuel type


    The next thing to consider is what kind of fuel you want to use for your bbq. The most common types are gas, charcoal, electric, and wood pellet. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your preferences and needs.

    Gas: Gas bbqs are easy to use and control, as they heat up quickly and have adjustable knobs to regulate the temperature. They are also convenient and clean, as they don’t produce much smoke or ash. However, they can be more expensive to buy and maintain, as they require a gas tank or a natural gas line. They also don’t impart much flavor to the food, compared to other fuel types.

    Charcoal: Charcoal bbqs are the traditional choice for many grillers, as they produce high heat and give food a smoky flavor. They are also relatively cheap and portable, as they don’t need electricity or gas. However, they can be more difficult and messy to use and clean, as they take longer to heat up and require lighting and disposing of charcoal. They also produce more smoke and ash, which can be a problem for some people or places.

    Electric: Electric bbqs are the most convenient and eco-friendly option, as they only need an outlet to plug in and don’t produce any smoke or emissions. They are also easy to use and clean, as they have simple controls and removable parts. However, they can be less powerful and flavorful than other fuel types, as they don’t reach very high temperatures or create much char. They are also dependent on electricity, which can limit their portability and reliability.

    Wood pellet: Wood pellet bbqs are a modern and innovative option, as they use compressed wood pellets as fuel that are automatically fed into a firebox by an auger. They are also versatile and smart, as they can perform different

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