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    Jack Ryan S03E05 FRENCH HDTV

    Jack Ryan S03E05 FRENCH HDTV

    Jack Ryan S03E05 FRENCH HDTV

    Jack Ryan S03E05 FRENCH HDTV is the fifth episode of the third season of the Amazon Prime series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, starring John Krasinski as the titular CIA analyst. The episode is titled “Druz’ya I Vragi”, which means “Friends and Enemies” in Russian.

    In this episode, Jack and Mike November (Michael Kelly) lead a covert operation to infiltrate Matoksa, a former Soviet nuclear facility where the Sokol device is hidden. They face resistance from Luka (James Cosmo) and his men, who are loyal to Petr (Peter Guinness), the mastermind behind the plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in Prague. Meanwhile, Petr kidnaps President Alena Kovac (Nina Hoss) of the Czech Republic and tries to exchange her for his daughter Anna (Eileen Li), who is held by Radek (Adam Vacula), his former protégé and Alena’s security chief. Greer (Wendell Pierce) follows their trail and tries to stop them before it’s too late.

    The episode is full of action, suspense and twists, as Jack and his team race against time to stop a nuclear catastrophe, while Petr reveals his true motives and his connection to Alena. The episode also explores the themes of loyalty, betrayal and revenge, as well as the consequences of the past on the present.

    The episode ends with a tense standoff between Jack and Luka, who holds the detonator for Sokol. Jack tries to reason with Luka, who blames him for betraying his country and his people. Luka reveals that he was one of the survivors of the Matoksa massacre, and that he has been waiting for revenge ever since. He also tells Jack that Petr is his father, and that he was following his orders. Jack appeals to Luka’s humanity, and tells him that he can still make a difference by stopping the bomb. He also tells him that Petr has been arrested, and that he will face justice. Luka hesitates, but ultimately decides to press the button. However, nothing happens, as Mike has managed to disable the device. Jack tackles Luka and arrests him, while Mike congratulates him on his bravery.

    The episode concludes with Jack returning to Washington DC, where he is greeted by Elizabeth and Greer. Elizabeth tells him that he has been cleared of all charges, and that he is a hero. She also tells him that President Kovac has agreed to cooperate with NATO, and that the Sokol plot has been exposed to the world. Greer tells Jack that he is proud of him, and that he has a bright future ahead of him. Jack thanks them both, and smiles.

    Meanwhile, President Kovac (Nina Hoss) meets with Natalya Popov (Selma Alispahic), the widow of the former defense minister who was killed by Petrov. She plays the recording of Petrov’s confession, and convinces Natalya to help her expose the coup plot. Natalya agrees to testify against Petrov, and reveals that he has a secret meeting with his co-conspirators at a military base. Kovac contacts Surikov (Mikhail Safronov), the Russian president, and informs him of the situation. Surikov is shocked and angry, and orders his loyal forces to arrest Petrov and his allies.

    Jack and Luka manage to track down Petrov’s location, and join forces with Greer and Mike. They infiltrate the base, and find Petrov in a bunker with a group of officers. Petrov is planning to launch a missile strike against NATO targets, and trigger a war. Jack and his team engage in a firefight with Petrov’s men, while Luka goes after Petrov himself. Luka confronts Petrov, and tells him that he is his son, and that Petr was his father. He accuses Petrov of betraying their family and their country, and shoots him dead.

    The episode ends with Jack and his team escaping from the base, and being hailed as heroes by Kovac and Surikov. They have prevented a nuclear war, and exposed the coup plot. Kovac thanks Jack for his service, and tells him that she will work to restore peace and cooperation between their nations. Surikov tells Jack that he owes him a debt of gratitude, and that he will always be welcome in Russia. Jack smiles, and hugs Luka, who tells him that he is proud of him.

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