JOY LILA: The Rising Star of Thai EDM Scene

    JOY LILA: The Rising Star of Thai EDM Scene

    JOY LILA is a talented and popular female DJ from Thailand who has won the ProplugIn Lady DJ Thailand 2019 contest and has performed in various events and festivals across the country. She is known for her energetic and diverse live sets that mix different genres of electronic dance music, such as house, trap, bass, and moombahton.

    In this article, we will introduce you to JOY LILA’s background, style, achievements, and future plans. We will also share some of her best live performances and tracks that you can enjoy on YouTube and SoundCloud.

    Who is JOY LILA?

    JOY LILA is a 25-year-old DJ from Bangkok who started her career in 2018. She has always been passionate about music and dancing since she was young, and she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a DJ after graduating from university. She enrolled in a DJ course at ProplugIn Academy, where she learned the skills and techniques of mixing and producing music.

    She soon impressed her instructors and peers with her talent and charisma, and she entered the ProplugIn Lady DJ Thailand 2019 contest, which was a nationwide competition for female DJs. She beat hundreds of other contestants and won the grand prize, which included a contract with ProplugIn Entertainment, a Pioneer DJ equipment set, and a chance to perform at major events and festivals.

    What is JOY LILA’s style?

    Who is JOY LILA?

    JOY LILA’s style is versatile and dynamic, as she can adapt to different crowds and venues. She likes to play various genres of EDM, such as house, trap, bass, moombahton, reggaeton, and dancehall. She also likes to incorporate some elements of hip-hop, pop, rock, and Thai music into her sets.

    She says that her main goal is to make people happy and have fun with her music. She always tries to create a positive and lively atmosphere with her energetic performance and interaction with the audience. She also likes to surprise her fans with new and fresh tracks that they have never heard before.

    What are JOY LILA’s achievements?

    What is JOY LILA's style?

    Since winning the ProplugIn Lady DJ Thailand 2019 contest, JOY LILA has been performing at various events and festivals across Thailand. Some of her notable appearances include:

    • LEO Live EDM 2021: A live-streamed EDM festival featuring some of the best Thai DJs and artists. JOY LILA delivered an hour-long set that showcased her skills and diversity.
    • Songkran Festival 2021: A celebration of the Thai New Year with water splashing and music. JOY LILA played at several venues in Bangkok and Pattaya, where she entertained thousands of people with her upbeat and festive tunes.
    • EDM Addicts & Dontri: A collaboration project between EDM Addicts, a platform for EDM lovers in Thailand, and Dontri, a music streaming service. JOY LILA joined other DJs in creating exclusive mixes and playlists for EDM fans.

    What are JOY LILA’s future plans?

    JOY LILA says that she wants to continue improving her skills and expanding her fan base. She also hopes to perform at international events and festivals in the future, where she can share her music with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

    She also plans to produce her own original tracks and remixes that reflect her personality and style. She has already released some of her works on SoundCloud, where she has over 500 followers. She says that she wants to experiment with different sounds and genres, and collaborate with other artists and producers.

    How can you follow JOY LILA?

    What are JOY LILA's future plans?

    If you are interested in JOY LILA’s music and performance, you can follow her on various social media platforms:

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