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    Juice WRLD – Rocket Unreleased [Prod.RockyRoadz X Triazo]

    Juice WRLD’s Unreleased Song “Rocket” Goes Viral on YouTube and SoundCloud

    Juice WRLD's Unreleased Song

    A new unreleased song by the late rapper Juice WRLD has surfaced online and has been gaining popularity among his fans. The song, titled “Rocket”, was produced by RockyRoadz and Triazo, and features Juice WRLD’s signature melodic vocals and emotional lyrics over a catchy trap beat.

    The song was uploaded on YouTube by Prod.RockyRoadz on April 15, 2023, and has since amassed over 141K views and 5.3K likes. The producer also shared the song on his SoundCloud account, where it has received over 18K plays and 14 comments. According to the producer, the song is a leak and he does not own the rights to it.

    “Rocket” is one of the many unreleased songs by Juice WRLD that have been leaked or released posthumously since his tragic death in December 2019. The rapper, whose real name was Jarad Higgins, died at the age of 21 after suffering a seizure at a Chicago airport. He was known for his hit songs such as “Lucid Dreams”, “All Girls Are the Same”, and “Robbery”.

    Juice WRLD’s fans have been eagerly waiting for his official posthumous album, which is rumored to be titled “The Outsiders”. The album is expected to feature collaborations with artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, and The Kid LAROI. However, there is no official release date or tracklist for the album yet.

    In the meantime, fans can enjoy “Rocket” and other unreleased songs by Juice WRLD on YouTube and SoundCloud. Some of the other popular leaks include “Novocaine”, “I’m Lost”, and “Out Of Hell”.

    Juice WRLD’s legacy lives on through his music and his fans, who continue to celebrate his artistry and his impact on the rap scene. The rapper was known for his versatility and his ability to blend different genres such as emo, pop, and rock. He was also praised for his honesty and vulnerability in his lyrics, which touched on topics such as love, addiction, depression, and death.

    Juice WRLD’s influence can be seen in many of the current and upcoming artists in the rap industry, such as The Kid LAROI, Iann Dior, Trevor Daniel, and Lil Tecca. These artists have adopted Juice WRLD’s style of singing and rapping over melodic beats, and have expressed their admiration and respect for him. Juice WRLD was also a mentor and a friend to many of these artists, and helped them with their careers.

    Juice WRLD’s fans hope that his unreleased music will be released in a respectful and authentic way, and that his vision and message will be preserved. They also hope that his music will inspire more people to seek help and support for their mental health issues, and to overcome their struggles. Juice WRLD’s music is a testament to his talent and his spirit, and a reminder that he will always be remembered as a legend.

    In conclusion, Juice WRLD’s unreleased song “Rocket” is a new addition to his impressive discography, and a glimpse into his creative process and his potential. The song showcases his unique voice and his emotional delivery, as well as his collaboration with talented producers RockyRoadz and Triazo. The song is a treat for his fans, who are eagerly awaiting his official posthumous album. Juice WRLD’s unreleased song “Rocket” is a tribute to his legacy and a celebration of his life.

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