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    jurassic world evolution complete edition switch review

    Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition Switch Review

    If you have ever dreamed of building and managing your own Jurassic Park, then Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition for Switch might be the game for you. This is a port of the 2018 sim management game that lets you create and run your own dinosaur theme park, complete with all the thrills and dangers that come with it. But how does this game fare on Nintendo’s hybrid console? Is it a roaring success or a fossilized failure? Let’s find out in this review.


    Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition is a game that combines strategy, management, and action elements in a Jurassic Park setting. You take on the role of a park manager who has to design, build, and operate various facilities and attractions for your guests, while also taking care of your dinosaurs and ensuring their welfare and security. You can choose from five different islands to start your park, each with its own challenges and opportunities. You can also follow three different paths of development, depending on your preference: science, entertainment, or security. Each path will give you different missions, contracts, and rewards, as well as influence your reputation with different factions.

    As the name suggests, Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition includes all the downloadable content that was released for the original game, such as the Secrets of Dr. Wu, Claire’s Sanctuary, and Return to Jurassic Park expansions, as well as four dinosaur packs and the Raptor Squad skin collection. This means that you get access to over 60 different species of dinosaurs, including hybrids and variants, as well as new storylines, characters, locations, and features. This is a huge amount of content that will keep you busy for hours.

    But how does Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition perform on Switch? Surprisingly well, actually. Considering that this is a game that was originally designed for more powerful platforms, such as PC and PS4, it is impressive how well it runs on Nintendo’s handheld device. The graphics have been downgraded, of course, but they still look decent enough, especially in docked mode. The frame rate is also stable most of the time, even when there are many dinosaurs and guests on screen. The loading times are a bit long, but not unbearable. The controls are also well adapted to the Switch’s buttons and sticks, although some menus and icons can be hard to read or navigate in handheld mode. Overall, this is a solid port that does not compromise much on the gameplay experience.


    The gameplay of Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition is divided into two main aspects: park management and dinosaur interaction. As a park manager, you have to balance your budget, research new technologies and upgrades, hire and assign staff, build and maintain facilities and attractions, satisfy your guests’ needs and expectations, deal with emergencies and crises, and complete missions and contracts. You can also customize your park’s appearance by adding decorations, landscaping, lighting, and more.

    As a dinosaur caretaker, you have to hatch new dinosaurs from fossils that you dig up or buy from other parks, feed them and provide them with water and shelter, heal them when they are sick or injured, tranquil

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