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    Jy Was Geleen Du Preez

    Jy Was Geleen: A Song by Du Preez van Heerden

    Jy Was Geleen: A Song by Du Preez van Heerden

    Jy Was Geleen is a song written and composed by Du Preez van Heerden, a South African singer and songwriter. The song is available on his album: Du Preez – My Trots, My Taal… AFRIKAANS. The song is a tribute to his late father, who passed away in 2019.

    The song was recorded at LiedjieBoer Studio in Midrand, Gauteng, and features acoustic guitar, piano, drums and vocals. The lyrics express the love and gratitude that Du Preez feels for his father, who taught him many valuable lessons in life. The song also reflects on the pain and loss that he experienced after his father’s death.

    The song has a video on YouTube, which shows Du Preez performing the song live at LiedjieBoer Studio, as well as photos and videos of his father. The video has over 2,000 views and many positive comments from fans and listeners. The song is also available on iTunes, Spotify and other digital platforms.

    Du Preez van Heerden is a versatile artist who sings in both English and Afrikaans. He has released several singles and albums, such as Wasted Time, My Seun and Have You Ever Seen The Rain & Tulsa Time. He is influenced by various genres of music, such as country, rock, pop and folk. He is passionate about his music and his culture, and aims to share his stories and emotions through his songs.

    Jy Was Geleen is one of the most personal and emotional songs by Du Preez van Heerden. He wrote the song as a way of coping with his grief and honoring his father’s memory. He said that the song helped him to heal and to express his feelings in a positive way. He also said that he hopes that the song can inspire and comfort others who have lost their loved ones.

    The title of the song means “You were borrowed” in Afrikaans. It is based on a saying that Du Preez’s father used to tell him: “Ons is almal net geleen”. This means “We are all just borrowed”. It implies that life is a gift and that we should cherish every moment we have with our family and friends. It also reminds us that we will all return to God one day, and that we should live with faith and gratitude.

    LiedjieBoer Studio is a recording studio and live music venue in Midrand, Gauteng. It is owned and operated by Johan C Venter, a musician and producer who has worked with many South African artists. LiedjieBoer Studio offers a professional and comfortable environment for musicians to record and perform their songs. It also hosts regular events and shows, featuring local and international talent. LiedjieBoer Studio is a popular destination for music lovers and enthusiasts.

    Du Preez van Heerden is not only a singer and songwriter, but also a teacher and a father. He teaches music at a primary school in Pretoria, where he shares his passion and knowledge with his students. He also has a son, who is the inspiration for his song My Seun. He said that being a father is the best thing that ever happened to him, and that he wants to be a good role model for his son.

    In an interview with SA Music News Magazine, Du Preez van Heerden said that his music is influenced by his life experiences and his emotions. He said that he writes songs from his heart, and that he tries to be honest and authentic in his lyrics. He also said that he enjoys experimenting with different sounds and styles, and that he likes to collaborate with other artists. He said that his goal is to make music that can touch people’s lives and make them happy.

    Some of the artists that Du Preez van Heerden admires and respects are Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Koos Kombuis and Valiant Swart. He said that these artists have inspired him to pursue his musical career and to express himself through his songs. He also said that he hopes to follow their footsteps and to leave a lasting legacy in the South African music scene.

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