Khadiija Foodey: A Somali Singer with a Passion for Music

    Khadiija Foodey: A Somali Singer with a Passion for Music

    Khadiija Foodey is a Somali singer who has been performing since the 1970s. She is known for her powerful voice and her songs that reflect the culture and history of Somalia. She has collaborated with many other Somali artists, such as Faadumo Axmed, Cabdi Gaab, and A/ Cabdilaahi Jaamac Qadax.

    One of her most popular songs is “Hurdo Kama Bogtoo”, which means “I don’t care about the hardship” in Somali. The song was written by the late poet Maxamed Cali Kaariye, who was a close friend of Foodey. The song expresses the resilience and optimism of the Somali people in the face of challenges and difficulties. Foodey performed the song live at a concert in 2019, where she received a standing ovation from the audience.

    Another song that showcases Foodey’s talent is “Jinnibaa Ku Raacshey”, which means “You agreed with the jinn” in Somali. The song is a duet with Faadumo Axmed, another Somali singer who has a similar style and voice to Foodey. The song is about a woman who accuses her husband of being bewitched by another woman. The song has a catchy melody and witty lyrics that make it a fun and entertaining listen.

    Foodey is also known for her collaboration with Cabdi Gaab, a young Somali singer who admires Foodey’s work. The two singers recorded a song called “Xey tahay”, which means “What is it” in Somali. The song is a romantic ballad that showcases the chemistry and harmony between Foodey and Gaab. The song has a soothing and relaxing vibe that appeals to listeners of all ages.

    Khadiija Foodey is a Somali singer who has made a lasting impact on the Somali music scene. She has a passion for music that shines through her songs and performances. She has inspired many other Somali artists and fans with her talent and charisma. She is a true legend of Somali music.

    Foodey was born in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, in 1956. She grew up in a musical family, as her father was a singer and her mother was a dancer. She started singing at a young age, and joined a local band called Waaberi when she was 16. Waaberi was one of the most famous and influential bands in Somalia, and Foodey learned a lot from the other members and musicians.

    Foodey’s career took off in the 1980s, when she released several solo albums and singles that were well-received by the public and critics. She also toured extensively in Somalia and abroad, performing at various festivals and events. She became known for her distinctive style of singing, which combined traditional Somali music with modern influences. She also sang in different languages, such as Arabic, English, and Swahili.

    Foodey’s life and career were affected by the civil war that broke out in Somalia in 1991. She had to flee the country and seek refuge in Kenya, where she continued to make music and perform. She also became involved in humanitarian causes, raising awareness and funds for the plight of the Somali people. She returned to Somalia in 2012, after the situation improved and peace was restored. She was welcomed by her fans and fellow artists, who celebrated her comeback.

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