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    Lil Freeny – Talk That

    Lil Freeny – Talk That: A Review of the Hit Song

    Lil Freeny - Talk That: A Review of the Hit Song

    Lil Freeny is a Sudanese rapper who has been making waves in the hip-hop scene with his catchy and witty lyrics. His latest song, Talk That, is a testament to his skills and charisma as an artist. The song was released in December 2019 and has since gained over 500,000 views on Spotify and YouTube .

    Talk That is a rap song that showcases Lil Freeny’s confidence and swagger. He raps about his success, his lifestyle, his haters, and his ambitions. He also pays homage to his Sudanese roots and culture, using Arabic words and references throughout the song. The song has a catchy hook that repeats the phrase “talk that” several times, creating a memorable chorus that sticks in the listener’s mind.

    The song also features a smooth and upbeat instrumental that complements Lil Freeny’s flow and delivery. The beat was produced by Sypher_su, who has collaborated with Lil Freeny on several other songs, such as Trifecta Freestyle and WOAH WOAH. The song also has a high-quality video that showcases Lil Freeny’s charisma and style, as well as some scenic shots of Dubai, where he is based.

    Talk That is a song that demonstrates Lil Freeny’s talent and potential as a rapper. He has a unique voice and style that sets him apart from other artists in the genre. He also has a loyal fan base that supports his music and appreciates his Sudanese identity. Talk That is a song that deserves more recognition and praise for its quality and originality.

    One of the reasons why Talk That is such a hit song is because of its lyrics. Lil Freeny has a way with words that makes his rap witty, clever, and catchy. He uses various rhyme schemes, metaphors, similes, and wordplay to create impressive verses that showcase his skills and personality. He also incorporates some Arabic words and phrases that reflect his Sudanese heritage and culture. For example, he raps “I’m a Sudanese king, I’m a Nubian pharaoh” and “I’m a lion in the jungle, I’m a nimer in the desert”. He also references some Sudanese celebrities and icons, such as Mo Ibrahim, Ramey Dawoud, and Man From Sudan.

    Another reason why Talk That is such a hit song is because of its video. The video was directed by Lil Freeny himself and features some stunning shots of Dubai, where he lives and works. The video showcases Lil Freeny’s style and charisma, as he raps in front of various landmarks and locations, such as the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Marina, and the desert. The video also features some cameo appearances from other Sudanese artists and friends, such as MUSA386, Brozzay, and Indi West. The video has a high production value and quality that matches the level of the song.

    Talk That is a song that represents Lil Freeny’s journey and achievements as a rapper. He has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Sudan to his current success in Dubai. He has overcome many challenges and obstacles to pursue his passion and dreams. He has also stayed true to himself and his roots, never forgetting where he came from and who he is. Talk That is a song that inspires and motivates others to follow their own paths and goals. It is a song that celebrates Lil Freeny’s talent and vision as an artist.

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