Micro: A Minimalist Text Editor for the Terminal

    Micro: A Minimalist Text Editor for the Terminal

    Micro is a modern and intuitive text editor that runs in the terminal. It has a simple and elegant user interface, with syntax highlighting, mouse support, multiple cursors, and a plugin system. Micro is designed to be easy to use and configure, without sacrificing functionality or performance.

    Some of the features of Micro include:

    • Full support for UTF-8 characters
    • Undo/redo and copy/paste functionality
    • Customizable keybindings and color schemes
    • A built-in file manager and fuzzy finder
    • A powerful search and replace tool
    • Integration with external tools such as git and gofmt
    • A rich set of plugins written in Lua

    To install Micro, you can download a precompiled binary from the GitHub releases page, or use a package manager such as apt, brew, or pacman. You can also build Micro from source by following the instructions on the GitHub repository.

    To start Micro, simply type micro in your terminal, followed by an optional file name or directory. You can use the Ctrl-Q keybinding to quit Micro, and the Ctrl-E keybinding to enter a command prompt. You can also access the help menu by pressing F1.

    If you are looking for a lightweight and user-friendly text editor for the terminal, give Micro a try. You might be surprised by how much you can do with it.

    One of the advantages of Micro is that it is highly extensible and customizable. You can install and manage plugins using the plugin command, which allows you to browse, install, update, and remove plugins from the official repository. You can also create your own plugins using the Lua scripting language, which has access to the Micro API.

    Some of the popular plugins for Micro include:

    • comment: A plugin that allows you to comment and uncomment lines of code with a single keybinding.
    • linter: A plugin that integrates various code linters and shows errors and warnings in the status line.
    • snippets: A plugin that allows you to insert predefined snippets of code with placeholders.
    • spellchecker: A plugin that checks your spelling and offers suggestions for corrections.
    • filemanager: A plugin that enhances the built-in file manager with additional features such as bookmarks, sorting, and filtering.

    You can also customize the appearance and behavior of Micro by editing the settings.json file, which contains various options such as font size, colors, tabs, soft wrap, and more. You can also create your own color schemes and keybindings by editing the colorschemes and bindings.json files respectively.

    Micro is a versatile and powerful text editor that can handle any kind of text editing task. Whether you are writing code, prose, or anything in between, Micro can make your life easier and more productive.

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