What’s New in Minecraft PE A Guide to the Latest Update

What's New in Minecraft PE A Guide to the Latest Update

Minecraft PE is the latest update for the Bedrock Edition of the popular sandbox game. It brings several quality of life improvements, changes to horse breeding, and some new experimental features from the upcoming 1.20 update. In this article, we will cover what’s new in Minecraft PE and how to download it.

Quality of Life Improvements

One of the main features of Minecraft PE is the improved emote system. Emote usage now appears in chat, the emote wheel has four slots with a better interface, and you can use hotkeys to quickly emote. You can also sort your emotes easily and get four default emotes when creating a new character.

Another improvement is the fix for night skipping. You can now skip the night if one or more players are on the death screen, which prevents you from waiting for them to respawn or leave the game.

Other fixes include eating and drinking animations being centered, Ghast sound volume fading over distance, Villagers emitting anger particles when hit outside of a village, Minecarts ejecting mobs into liquid blocks, Bells not dropping when connected to multiple blocks, Note Block sound attenuation being linear, and Dead Bush dropping Sticks when broken with any tool except Shears.

Changes to Horse Breeding

Quality of Life Improvements

Minecraft PE also brings some changes to horse breeding that make it more rewarding and realistic. When breeding horses, you can now get different variants of horses instead of just the parents’ colors. You can also get better horses than their parents in speed, jump strength, and health, if you use enough Golden Carrots and have good parents.

Horses also have more realistic behaviors in this update. They cannot be pushed over Fences covered by Carpets anymore, and they will not breed with their parents or siblings.

New Experimental Features

Changes to Horse Breeding

The most exciting part of Minecraft PE is the introduction of two new experimental features from the upcoming 1.20 update: Archaeology and the Sniffer mob.

Archaeology is a new mechanic that allows you to dig up ancient artifacts and relics from buried sites around the world. You can use a Brush to carefully uncover these items and place them in a Pottery Shard slot in your inventory. You can then craft these shards into various decorative items, such as Hanging Signs or Chiseled Bookshelves.

The Sniffer is a new mob that can help you find buried sites and other hidden treasures. It is a cute dog-like creature that has a keen sense of smell and can track down anything you give it as a sample. You can tame it with Bones and feed it with Meat or Fish to keep it happy.

How to Download Minecraft PE

New Experimental Features

If you want to try out Minecraft PE, you need to join the Preview or Beta program depending on your device.

If you have an Xbox, Windows 10/11, or iOS device, you can join the Preview program by following the instructions at aka.ms/PreviewFAQ.

If you have an Android device, you can join the Beta program by following the instructions at aka.ms/JoinMCBeta.

Please note that these versions are not stable and may have bugs or crashes. You also cannot play with players who are not on the same version as you.


How to Download Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE is a great update that brings many improvements and new features to the game. Whether you want to express yourself with emotes, breed better horses, dig up ancient artifacts, or explore with a Sniffer companion, this update has something for everyone.

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