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    Mr Kuka c/ DJ Ardiles

    Mr Kuka and DJ Ardiles: The Duo Behind Disco Do Povo

    Mr Kuka and DJ Ardiles: The Duo Behind Disco Do Povo

    Mr Kuka and DJ Ardiles are two of the most popular Afro-beat artists in Mozambique. They have collaborated on several songs, including their latest hit “Location”, which has over 1.5 million views on YouTube. Their album “Disco Do Povo” (People’s Disco) was released in 2019 and features 13 tracks that showcase their catchy melodies, energetic rhythms and witty lyrics.

    The album covers various themes, such as love, partying, social media and everyday life. Some of the songs are “Txuna La” (Let’s Go), “Rosas” (Roses), “Screen Shot” (Screenshot), “Deketa” (Dance), “Fim de Semana” (Weekend), “Bomba Muchangana” (Muchangana Bomb), “Casa de Banho” (Bathroom), “China e Baixa” (China and Downtown), “Ginga La” (Shake It), “Eheeee” (Yeahhh), “Deixa Assim” (Leave It Like That), “Da Se” (Give It) and “Meses Passaram” (Months Passed).

    Mr Kuka and DJ Ardiles have also released a series of videos on YouTube called “Location (Capítulo 2)” (Location Chapter 2), where they show behind-the-scenes footage of their music production, concerts and travels. The videos are fun and entertaining, and give a glimpse into the lives of these talented artists.

    Mr Kuka and DJ Ardiles are not only musical partners, but also friends. They have a great chemistry and complement each other’s styles. They are also versatile and innovative, always experimenting with new sounds and influences. They have earned the respect and admiration of their fans and peers, and have become one of the most successful duos in the Mozambican music scene.

    Mr Kuka and DJ Ardiles have been making music together since 2010, when they met at a studio in Maputo. They both had solo careers before, but decided to join forces and create a new sound that would appeal to the masses. They named their project “Disco Do Povo”, which means “People’s Disco” in Portuguese, because they wanted to make music that everyone could enjoy and relate to.

    They have been influenced by various genres, such as kizomba, marrabenta, afro-house, hip-hop and R&B. They have also collaborated with other artists, such as Game Over, Zico, DJ Damost, Danny OG, Dh and DJ Junior. They have performed in several countries, such as South Africa, Angola, Portugal and Brazil. They have also won several awards, such as the Mozambique Music Awards and the Ngoma Moçambique Awards.

    Mr Kuka and DJ Ardiles are not only musicians, but also entrepreneurs. They have their own record label, Modigi, which means “Digital” in Ronga. They use this platform to promote their own music and other artists. They also have their own clothing line, called “Disco Do Povo”, which features t-shirts, caps, hoodies and accessories with their logo and slogans.

    Mr Kuka and DJ Ardiles have a loyal fan base that supports their music and follows their activities. They have a strong presence on social media, where they share their latest news, videos and photos. They also interact with their fans and answer their questions and comments. They have a website,, where they offer their music, merchandise and contact information.

    Mr Kuka and DJ Ardiles are more than just artists, they are also role models. They use their music and influence to spread positive messages and inspire others. They are involved in various social causes, such as education, health and environment. They also support young and upcoming artists, by giving them advice and opportunities. They are proud of their Mozambican identity and culture, and represent it with dignity and respect.

    Mr Kuka and DJ Ardiles are the duo behind Disco Do Povo, one of the most successful musical projects in Mozambique. They have created a unique sound that combines Afro-beat with other genres, and reflects their personality and vision. They have achieved fame and recognition, both nationally and internationally, and have become icons of the Mozambican music industry. They are still working hard to improve their skills and expand their horizons, and they have many plans and projects for the future.

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