Napoli velata: A Mystery Thriller Set in the Shadowy Streets of Naples

    Napoli velata: A Mystery Thriller Set in the Shadowy Streets of Naples

    Napoli velata (English: Naples in Veils) is a 2017 Italian film directed by Ferzan Özpetek and starring Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Alessandro Borghi and Anna Bonaiuto. The film is a mystery thriller that explores the dark secrets and mysteries of Naples, a city that is both beautiful and dangerous.

    The plot follows Adriana (Mezzogiorno), a forensic pathologist who has a passionate affair with Andrea (Borghi), a young and handsome man she meets at a party. However, their romance is cut short when Andrea is found dead in mysterious circumstances. Adriana becomes obsessed with finding out the truth behind his death, and discovers that he had a hidden life that involved the occult, ancient rituals and a mysterious cult. As she delves deeper into the mystery, she realizes that nothing is what it seems, and that she is in danger of becoming the next victim.

    Napoli velata is a film that blends elements of mystery, thriller, romance and horror, creating a captivating and suspenseful story that keeps the audience guessing until the end. The film also showcases the stunning scenery and culture of Naples, from its historic monuments and churches to its vibrant nightlife and street art. The film’s title refers to the veils that cover the faces of some of the characters, symbolizing the secrets and lies that pervade the city.

    The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences, who praised its direction, cinematography, soundtrack and performances. The film was nominated for several awards, including six David di Donatello Awards (the Italian equivalent of the Oscars), and won two: Best Actress for Mezzogiorno and Best Original Song for “Napule ve salute” by M’Barka Ben Taleb.

    Napoli velata is a film that will appeal to fans of mystery thrillers, as well as those who are interested in the culture and history of Naples. The film is available to watch on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

    Napoli velata is not the first film by Özpetek that explores the mysteries and secrets of Naples. The Turkish-born director, who has lived in Italy for most of his life, has a fascination with the city and its culture. He previously directed La finestra di fronte (Facing Windows) in 2003, which also starred Mezzogiorno and Bonaiuto, and told the story of a woman who becomes involved with an elderly man who suffers from amnesia and has a connection to the city’s past.

    Özpetek has said that he wanted to make a film that showed the different aspects of Naples, from its beauty and charm to its darkness and violence. He also wanted to pay homage to the classic Italian giallo films of the 1970s, which were known for their stylish and violent thrillers that often involved murder mysteries, eroticism and supernatural elements. Özpetek has cited directors such as Dario Argento, Mario Bava and Lucio Fulci as influences for his film.

    Napoli velata also features a strong female protagonist, who is determined to uncover the truth and fight for justice. Mezzogiorno delivers a powerful and nuanced performance as Adriana, a woman who is torn between her professional and personal life, and who faces danger and deception at every turn. She is supported by a talented cast of actors, including Borghi as the charismatic and mysterious Andrea, Bonaiuto as Adriana’s sister Livia, who is also involved in the cult, and Isabella Ferrari as Adriana’s friend Monica, who helps her in her investigation.

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